Northern Ireland’s ongoing peace progress brings top music awards show to capital.


Now I may be twenty years old (going on twenty one), but I wouldn’t describe myself, nor will I ever be able to describe myself, as the sort of person who is able to keep up with, let alone to com


This summer, before moving to France to begin my new job as an English assistant, I decided at the last minute to buy a ticket for ‘Bestival’, which is a famous British festival.


Glastonbury festival is one of the most vibrant, colourful and energetic events of the British


It’s been a busy few years for Florence Welch. Three years ago nobody knew who she was; now she is the only Florence anybody cares about.


When news of Amy Winehouse's sad death filtered through, it came as a shock.


Has the music industry in the UK been harmed by the negative effects of TV talent shows like The X Factor?


Think of Switzerland, and what comes to mind?


When you were younger, a piano lesson may have ruined your day. Carrying a flute from class to class just for a half-hour lesson may have seemed pointless.


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