Breweries, cheese-making factories, paper mills, distilleries … we are inquisitive and we pay lots of money to visit these factories and find out how things are made.


In one of my classes today we discussed the question of how our lives would be without a phone and I actually felt quite sad to hear how some kids these days cannot survive without their mobiles.


In this day and age taking a photograph is easier than ever. There are cameras built into our phones, computers, tablets, iPods ... The way we share photos has also changed.


WhatsApps. Facebook messages. Texts. Calls. Instagrams. Snapchats. Tweets.


'You know,' said one of my students to me. 'Mega sad face.'


Last week the electricity in my flat went out. I had just got home from work and was happily making my tea, when all of a sudden I was surrounded by complete darkness.


As part of the 'Facebook generation', we have grown up in a world where access to the internet is constantly at our fingertips and we're able to connect with people at the touch of a button.


I am a time traveller. At the moment, I am talking to you from the Dark Ages, where science and technology has been forgotten.

Well … not exactly. But it sure does feel like it!


One of the most famous archaeological discoveries in all of history is The Terracota Army.


It's easy to be misled by social media.


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