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Boxing for beginners

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I’d heard quite a few of my friends in England talk about “boxercise” (a keep-fit boxing class), so when a new French friend of mine invited me to a class in Nantes I was really quite excited. I love trying new things and I was determined to take up a new hobby on my year abroad. Needless to say, it was not quite what I was expecting and I thought I’d share my rather funny experience with you all.

I set off on the tram with the expectation of arriving at a modern French equivalent of Fitness First. When I arrived however, it was not quite as cosy as I'd imagined! I was in a dingy, cold, graffiti-covered school sports hall that had two “real” boxing rings set up. I changed into my sports kit and asked tentatively if the teacher could lend me some gloves and a head mask. Unfortunately for me both pieces of kit were still very damp from the previous class. I put on a brave face and put the sweaty head mask on. I headed for the ring…

BAM… My friend really did hit me straight in the nose - not quite the gentle start I was hoping for! It came as a very useful wake-up call. I was certainly not in a boxercise class, I was in a group of boxers training for competition. Two hours later, (yes, two hours!), I was dying of exhaustion. I was half crying/half laughing! If only my friends could have seen me in such a state.

Needless to say that I am still adjusting to my new life in France - I think next week I’m going to try tennis!


Would you like to try boxing? 


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sanpai28 17 October, 2015 - 13:52

Yes, I like to try boxing! I have never tried but I want to! But I'm not so crazy at this. I am not interested to be
professional. But there is no doubt that I like it. It gives you stamina, strength and a chance to fight back if someone hurts you unkindly. It also makes you become patient with the suffering of pains. I don't like very cute and weak girls but I like smart and confident girls with strong appearance. If you face with a deadly problem like if someone wants to hurt or endanger you or your family and tries to take your possessions without your permission, you cannot just scream or cry and beg a lot of times not to hurt you. If you face such situation, boxing or some fighting sports will protect you and your family and may be you can even send the criminals to the jail!!! :) I agree that boxing is a cruel sport and is not suitable for the ones who have dirty minds of harming people because with that, they can make more harmful crimes. But if you want to be one who can protect him/herself and family with ability to defend and fight back for your precious lives in a deadly problem, boxing and other fighting sports like judo, karate,etc are the best sports for you. So, because of the reason that I want to be the strong one to be able to protect myself and my family, I'd like to try boxing and I also want to try karate more because I think it is a less cruel sport than boxing. Anyway, I love them both! :)

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dzeni 14 March, 2014 - 19:32

Never. I don`t like such things. For me it is more fight than sport. But maybe sometimes it can be useful. If someone attack you, you can fight back him on the same way.

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Lejdi 11 October, 2013 - 13:17

Why not? I would like to try it for a week and to feel the pain or glory you can get by fighting in a ring.

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Natalija 8 October, 2013 - 17:32

No, never. Boxing is such a rough sport and I can't imagine myself as a boxer.
One of my classmates is really into boxing, and it's almost his life; he pays attention on what he eats, he's in gym all day long and he's really trying to achieve high goals in boxing. Many times he came to school hurt from boxing and I would never like be like him.
By the way, I think boxing is not a sophisticated sport.

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