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Inspired by the 2012 Olympics

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Despite many people I know loving Sport, I have spent my whole life declining sporting activities. I am most definitely a team player, but when it comes to team sports I would much rather watch than participate. There is always that horrible moment at school when the team captains get to pick their teams; to start with captains pick their best friends, but as we grew older, the selection became more strategic. This is when a ‘team sport’ becomes more than just working as a team and enjoying yourself – it becomes working as a team to win. This is something which I always struggled with – I am a self-confessed sore loser and have always enjoyed being somewhat of an all-rounder academically; for me to be bad at something and for other people to know was terrible for my ego.

And so I stopped participating at sport altogether – I used to get my mum to write me sick-notes and would always feign illness, especially during winter when all I wanted to do was stay inside and be cosy and warm. This is something which, looking back, I really regret. Playing football in a PE lesson was not national standard; the main goal was to have fun and to be active which is the most important thing.

Every New Year, I vow to participate in more sporting activities, and this year I am doing something utterly out of character for me. Inspired by the 2012 London Olympics, I decided to make a conscious effort to become fit and really make the most of being young while I still am! When I told my parents that I would be running a half marathon in Vienna, Austria, in April 2014, they asked me if I was still their daughter. I still can’t believe that I have agreed to run 10miles (nearly 22km) for charity, but I cannot wait; it will be for such a great cause and I can feel the benefits of regular exercise already. When I’m feeling a little bit nervous I just look at the picture of Mo Farah crossing the finishing line and remember that anything is possible; every human being is capable of great things it’s just up to us to decide if we want to take the opportunities.

Could you ever see yourself running a half marathon or a marathon?
If the answer is ‘no’, set yourself the challenge – why not?!


Did the 2012 Olympics inspire you? Would you ever run a marathon?


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cranberry 1 December, 2013 - 19:44

Yes, it inspired me to start training athletics and im quite good. I actualy did run a marathon, but i didnt win. That is not going to stop me, im going to train hard to run better next time.

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Jelenaa2 26 November, 2013 - 14:23

The 2012 Olympics had an influence on the younger generations. This is how to prove to children these days that no matter how you look or what you do can stop you from making your dreams come true;)

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