Astonishingly, it's been almost three years since I moved out.


Homesickness can be an awful feeling for anyone who travels away from their home town, country or simply away from the house in which they live for a period of time.


Millions of tourists flock to London, the United Kingdom's capital city, every year.


Many people, myself included, find it very difficult to live in the moment: that is, to appreciate the present and never look backwards or forwards.


Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day - also referred to as "Saint Paddy's Day" - appears to have become a worldwide phenomenon.


I’ve come to realise that my time in France will soon be coming to an end. I have been working as a language assistant since September and can’t quite believe where the time has gone.


Travelling with someone you know is a very easy way to test your friendship.


I have spent most of my life surrounded by people who speak the same language as me.


To anyone who isn't British, the name of this day probably sounds a little strange. Red Nose Day is an event which takes place every other year.


Several years ago, Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the famous BBC television programme ‘Top Gear’, discovered that one of his guests was half German and half Irish.


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