Saturday, 26 May, 2012 - 01:41

If you're reading this magazine, then chances are you're a young learner of English as a Foreign Language, and are probably interested in reading too.

Monday, 21 May, 2012 - 20:03

The shabby walls are coloured in a plain white. They might express the feeling that something has been wiped out or taken away.

Monday, 21 May, 2012 - 18:30

By today’s standards, my mobile phone is pretty rubbish. It’s a Nokia 1616.

Saturday, 19 May, 2012 - 18:19

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress.

Friday, 18 May, 2012 - 20:45
by JohnM

The Triana Bridge in Seville is one of the most romantic parts of the city.

Friday, 18 May, 2012 - 18:27

‘When you’re small you’re like a piece of paper with nothing written on it.

Thursday, 17 May, 2012 - 13:20

It's almost time for the summer holidays to begin.

Sunday, 13 May, 2012 - 20:27

Yesterday, I did something a bit different. Not only did I turn 23, but I celebrated it for the first time away from my friends and family. By "celebrate", I mean I went bungee jumping.

Sunday, 13 May, 2012 - 14:52

They have surrendered the league title. They are out of the Champions League. The manager has announced his resignation. Crisis?

Friday, 11 May, 2012 - 17:27

Catalunya is famous for its cultural diversity and its eccentricity. It is what makes this part of the Iberian peninsular such an interesting place to visit.

Friday, 11 May, 2012 - 12:03
by JohnM

A few weeks ago, while I was home for Easter in Scotland, I went to the cinema with my friends. We were going to see ‘The Hunger Games’, and I was really looking forward to it.

Thursday, 10 May, 2012 - 23:23

When it comes to fashion, the weather is something that plays a huge role in shaping the themes and styles for the season. You wouldn’t wear boots on the beach, or sandals in the snow, right?

Wednesday, 9 May, 2012 - 07:37

Alice in Wonderland (along with Through the Looking Glass) is one of the most famous children’s books of all time.

Monday, 7 May, 2012 - 09:19

There are many different social network sites in use today, but none have changed the way in which we communicate more than Facebook.

Sunday, 6 May, 2012 - 15:51

We live in a world addicted to so-called ‘fast fashion’ - and chances are, we’ve all been there.

Saturday, 5 May, 2012 - 19:33

Visiting a festival abroad can be a great reason to travel and a way to experience different cultures.

Friday, 4 May, 2012 - 19:22

The first thing you will notice when you watch the film (which is out in the cinemas at the moment) is the guy with dark hair and blue eyes that will probably seem quite familiar.

Friday, 4 May, 2012 - 15:57
by JohnM

Inline skates (more commonly known as ‘rollerblades’) took the world by storm when they came out in the late 1980s by Rollerblade, and unlike roller skates, these boots on wheels were different; th

Thursday, 3 May, 2012 - 04:16

You must have heard by now about the Z-word; it’s the latest, trendiest, coolest way to keep fit and have fun as you do – didn’t you know?

Tuesday, 1 May, 2012 - 12:00

“So, do you have ice cream in Scotland?” I paused, my spoon half way to my mouth and just blinked. Was I hearing things? My neighbour repeated her question. No, definitely wasn’t hearing things.


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