By: IainG

Many months in Latin America have taught me that this confession may bring shame upon my family. Nevertheless, it has been too long I can no longer hold it in:  I like reggaeton music.


By: DrewH

Funny. Hilarious. Amusing. Good-humoured. Hysterical. Comical. Knee slapper. Side-splitting. Witty.

The English language has so many ways to talk about something that is funny. These are...

By: MeganM

Thunderbolt and lightening, very, very frightening me! These famous lyrics from the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, have been playing over and over in my head as Foshan, a city in China, was...

By: KatieS

I come from London in England - a very big city! Over 8 million people live in London, and it's always busy with tourists from other places too. So moving to a little town with only 15,000 people...

By: GraceL

You may have seen my post about film culture a couple of months ago in which I wrote that I enjoy watching films in another language, and often without subtitles. I decided to take this to another...

By: IainG

Next Sunday – the 30 March – is Mother’s Day, also sometimes called “Mothering Sunday”, in the United Kingdom. For many mothers and their children it is a very special day and one day of the year...