By: LauraT

So I’ve reached that point in my year abroad where it’s all coming to an end. My work contract ends this month and I’ll be leaving for good at the beginning of June. I cannot express how quick...

By: IainG

Many months in Latin America have taught me that this confession may bring shame upon my family. Nevertheless, it has been too long I can no longer hold it in:  I like reggaeton music.


By: DrewH

Funny. Hilarious. Amusing. Good-humoured. Hysterical. Comical. Knee slapper. Side-splitting. Witty.

The English language has so many ways to talk about something that is funny. These are...

By: MeganM

Thunderbolt and lightening, very, very frightening me! These famous lyrics from the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, have been playing over and over in my head as Foshan, a city in China, was...

By: KatieS

I come from London in England - a very big city! Over 8 million people live in London, and it's always busy with tourists from other places too. So moving to a little town with only 15,000 people...

By: GraceL

You may have seen my post about film culture a couple of months ago in which I wrote that I enjoy watching films in another language, and often without subtitles. I decided to take this to another...