Favourite things

Favourite things


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What's your favourite thing? Why is it important to you?


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My favourite things are studying English and cooking good meal for my family everyday. Because I always want to communicate with people in English, Plus preparing a delicious meal for my family to boost my members' health , so I hope my family to be happy together

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My favourite thing is playing minecraft. Because I can try survial mode. So that I learn how we can live alone with no body around easily.

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My favourite thing is football.Football is not only that 22players run after a ball.it is a love i think. My favourite football team is FENERBAHÇE . My favourite footballer iş Van PersieVan persie really plays well but he is not an alex.As bill shankly said " footbal is not a matter of life and death.it is much, much more important than that"k

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My favourite thing is my piano. I started playing piano when I was six... and I fell in love with this instrument. When I play it, i convey all my fellings on the keys. I hope one day I'll be a pianist.

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hannaanh's picture

I have many favourite things. My first favourite thing is my clock. It's very important to me because it always helps me get up early in the morning. It like my best friend, actually. I love my clock very much. My second favourite thing is my pair of lucky dolls. They are help me have lucky everyday. I love my pair of lucky dolls.

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My favourite thing is my keyboard because when I play it I feel happy and I have fun indeed hours are like seconds in my mind! I also love my bicycle. Since I can't have a car until I'll be 18, I use it to be independent.

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My favourite things is different book as textbooks, Catholic catechisms, dictionaries, ... but it is important for everybody, especially for me. Still somethings also quite important as computer, smartphone, laptop,...
there are helpful for my studies. Because I love there.

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paulocl's picture

My favorite thing is my amazon kindle. I can carry a whole library in it. It have been very useful for learning English. And I still use it to read many books in my born language (Portuguese). Like my friend said once “if my kindle broke I buy other the next day”.

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My favorite thing is my 7 books, Harry Potter books. I read them every day and I must read at least 10 pages or I don't feel well. It's very important for me because when I read one of these books my body and my mind do REALLY relax. I've read them 9 times each and maybe some books more. I've seen the movies too so, when I read the book I imagine the scene not like in the films, but like my mind think them really. Only the actors who played at Harry Potter, only them I can see in my mind that are real. That do exist.

When someone talks to me whan I read Harry Potter I don't understand nothing. I can't hear the person. It's like I'm in an other world, in a world that only me and the magical world exist.

That's my favorite thing. That's why I love it.

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It's hard to choose my best thing because the life of every person needs plenty of things which are useful daily.But in general I may say my Ipad is my best thing for this time. It is my English teacher. It answers all my questions and repeats the topics tirelessly. We may say its patient is unlimited and it doesn't let me feel any shyness. It suplies me all the materials needed for learning which are easy to get. It's never harassed me and always responded to my orders.
My ipad is my best friend. I get it any time I want and let me connect with other people either through messages or audio or video. The news of the world are in front of my eyes by a simple click and unlimited entertainments I can enjoy. In one word I describe it like a very big transportable library.

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My iPad is real best friend for me.He can't trait me,he hasn't a poison,a envy or a violence.Jobs and his iPad inspire me.They are incredible!

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One thing I’d hate to be without is my laptop. It was given to me by my dad in 2012 Christmas holidays. It’s black and quite thin.

It’s really important to me because I have everything there like music, photos, etc. With my laptop I can inform and amuse myself and I can also do school work, so I get better marks.

I’d really be lost without it.

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venkatgade10's picture

My favorite thing is my TAB, It is very important to me because it have lot of apps related to my English language learning activities and apps which will track my daily expenses, my tab is compact so i can carry it every where, i can use it very well like when i am going on the bus, I can download my latest films in it, i can buy things which ever i like through internet and i can explore new places with the help of maps in it, it makes my life easier and smarter than before, but i know too much using electronic devices not good , because our communication with surroundings peoples will be deprive, But it helps me to improve my listening and reading skills a bit than earlier ,i am not addicted to it because i am not carrying it on to my bed

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Hi venkatgade10. Technology is such a useful tool for learning languages, isn't it? I don't have a tablet but I have dictionaries on my smartphone, and I use it to listen to language podcasts too. 

What apps do you use to learn languages? Which ones do you think are the best? You might be interested in some British Council apps too. If you download one, let us know what you think. Good luck with your learning :)

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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It definitely my collection of six guitars they're awesome because all of them has a complete different story. Of course I´m a guitar player, and when I have the opportunity I play some pieces for my family we pass a great time!

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My favourite thing is my collection of hardback books. It's important to me because I like literature and these books are also quite beautiful not only to read but also to look at.

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The best thing for me is my diary . Because I always write all my secrets in it. It is for me as my best friend. I think I can't live without it.

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Actually I'm lively person so I've so much favourite things like my XboX my cumputer ,my pencil because I like drawing. And at this point in time I think is the best one. Cause since I started drawing my imagination has been a lot improving. So I keep on doin' that often.

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My favorite thing is an mp3-player. I have hobbies where I work with my hands - I like stitching, sewing, drawing.... And at that time I like listening audiobooks. And also I listen them in bed:) So I spend really much time with my mp3-player!

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well , it depend on person to person how they take it. there are lots of favorite things such as computer, iPad, iPod, mobile etc. among them my favorite one is iPod as i love music it is in my blood . It is not only a device for me it is the medium through i get my soul just love it.

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