Read the text about mind maps and then do the exercises to practise and improve your reading skills.

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What do you do to remember new vocabulary?


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hadia 26 June, 2016 - 13:36

Well, I guess to memorizing vocabulary isn't an easy task ..Our English teacher recommends that for remembering new vocab, just look and read the words for(say) 3 times a day.And after few days you''ll realize that you have some new words for your mind vocab!!
Because vocabulary isn't something you need to cram! It's something you make a part of your daily speech and conversation :)
Here, if we need to get admission to any univ. we have to take Entrance test which comprises to 4 subjects mainly. one of the portion is of English. In E, the major portion of test comprises of Vocab and the rest consists mainly of Grammar. Vocab is the part which seems difficult to most of the students. Students have to learn more than 900 new words. Really, those words are tough. Because last year my Sis gave the test. She had to learn all the new vocab :))
She's really great at vocab. She made through the test easily. And scored max. marks. She says me to read the words too. So that when I'd have to go in a Uni, I shouldn't get trouble learning it :P

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Fado23fado 22 May, 2016 - 10:09

I repeat a lot and read example about new word. I think that this way is better than my way so after that time, i ll try this way thanks :))

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chimchimnho 13 March, 2016 - 03:37

I don't try to remember new vocabulary. If there's a new word that I don't know I just translate it into my own language, let it go and I might forget it later. After that I might see it on the websites while surfing the internet or in a book, I'll translate it into my language again. It can happen again and again. After period of time I'll learn that word effortlessly.
Please help me check my grammar, thanks!

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Littlebunny 29 February, 2016 - 15:51

Umm... I think the mind maps don't make me remember for a long time. I think this way is normal. But I don't understand why do the other people feel easy while they use the mind maps. Do you understand what I said? If you understand, please answer my questions: "How do you feel when you use the mind maps? How do you use it?" Bye.

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