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Tell us about a friend or family member who you admire.


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BRPCuzcoJaime 17 April, 2017 - 03:44

Hi, someone i admire is my grandfather José Reynaldo. why i chose to my grandfather?
Because he is serious but friendly, brave, competitive, hard-working and calm. In my opinion, the qualities that has my grandpa are teaching me to i am better person because when he was 12 years old. He had to work to help his mom. Then, He met my grandma and they together created all that today my family in general have. Finally, I miss my grandpa becuase I study in Gye.

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BRPCELORIOCARLOS1 16 April, 2017 - 17:57

Someone I admire is my father Carlos. He's very friendly and brave. He is tall and fit because he plays soccer since he was ten years old and now too. My father is a busy person but he always help me when I have a problem. He listen me and he meets me. I love to my father and some day I’ll be how he.

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Sorry420 28 March, 2017 - 08:27

Someone I admire is my friend Sarah. She is 15 years old. She lives in New York with her family. She looks like very pretty. Sarah got long height and slim fit body.

Sarah study in school year 10 . She is very busy now with her study. She want to be a Doctor in her future life .
In free time Sarah loves playing Tennis with her friends. She also love watching movie.

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Elsa007 15 March, 2017 - 07:12

In my opinion, I've never seen a perfect person. But I admire at least a positive and honest person about what they do. They don't have to think about how others feel about it. From what I feel and gather, I admire such a person anyway :)

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xoxomanalbb 13 March, 2017 - 19:02

Hi, well i'm here to express my feelings toward a special someone, and i think that my situation is a little bit pitiful, because i have never told him about my emotions in the past where he was right next to me,
he cared a lot about me, we share stories together and i felt like i was home when i was with him,
I only hope that he'll comeback, so we can be happier, because all i have with me now is painful memories .

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Ken 15 March, 2017 - 13:04

Hi xoxomanalbb,

I was deeply affected by your comment for some reason or other.
You're a good girl and I believe that you can have your special be aware of your brave smile.
Let's see how it's going!

。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。(๑◔‿◔๑) ✲゚


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gianggiang 19 July, 2016 - 06:49

In this world, there is a woman that :
If I played truant and neglected my study, she would chew me out and punish me strictly, but her heart still has enough tolerance and love to forgive all my faults. If I and my brother had a row, she would tell us off, but her arms are still large enough to embrace us tight.
That is my mother- the woman I admire most in this world !

My mother is always busy, who often goes to work when the Sun is sleeping with a blanket of clouds, only backs home when the Moon and stars are playing hide-and-seek in the pitch dark sky and grass is covered with night dew. Despite being tired, smiles're always on her face whenever she sees me. And only when she smiles do I realise the divine beauty hidden in her eyes, which are aglow with pleasure, happiness and as bright as sunshine :))

Both sun and water give us a life, I love not only her eyes ( sunshine) but also her hair ( water). Her hair looks like a beautiful cascade which originates from Lang Biang mountain, it's so silky that every once in a while, I'm afraid it will flow away like water :>
My Mom often sits on the step of the house combing her hair, she combs and combs it as if she was tracing some special happiness somewhere : " You will be a grown up person when my hair turns white", she said to me. I sit silently beside her and my eyes mist with tears.
- Oh, my daughter, an easy-to-cry girl, obviously, our hair turns white when we are older.
Her hand pats me on my shoulder, a feeling of warm run along my back. Of all things, I love her hands most, which have to do a lot of household chores. Her hands are so strong and protective when carrying a baby, skillful when kniting woolen scarf, delicate when wiping away tears on my face. Dad's hands can never be the same.

There's a simile that a woman's moral beauty is like a night rain, you are not able to tell it's raining unless you listen to the pitter-patter on the roof, and you can't feel my mom's virtue and dignity unless you see her behaviour and life-style and listen to...her voice :P
My mother is an erudite woman who often has optimistic outlooks on every problem. She encourages me to pursue and actualise my dreams, let me do what I'm passionate about....although, sometimes, she get a little disappointed with my decision and worried about my illogical ideas, as she promised, I need to stand on my own feet, sooner or later, my mom can't take me under her wing any more, I will fly with my own wings.

My mother is a great woman who sacrifices all her life for us, yet sometimes, I let her down, I bought an exorbitant lipstick and treated myself to ridiculously expensive cake and ice-cream whereas my mom was saving up little by little money to pay for water and electric bills. I hang out when my mom is working hard to bring me up...She doesn't blame me, but I feel guilty of my bad behaviour. I remind myself to change and obey her. "An unruly child is always a sadness for a mother"

Despite knowing that no word can describe my mom's sacrifice and my admiration for her, I still write something : My mom is like a giant tree shadowing every corner of my life, like a fire heating my soul, like a wind blowing all sadness, like a pure stream flowing straight to my heart :)) Although once in a blue moon, I cold- shoulder my mom, refuse her care and " Why do you take care of me too much?", she still love mes, protects me from sorrows and pain in my life, she always stand by me, pray for my happiness, dispel despair and fear...How much I respect her ! I will sing the song " The enternal mother" for my mom forever.

Therefore, if anyone who still own your mother an apology, say sorry to her, you don't need to say you love her, not necessary to kiss or embrace her, just never let her down and obey her so that she's always happy.
Bird needs blue sky, fish need large ocean, and all of us need our immense moms'love to live in this tiny world.

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halfblood_prince 27 November, 2016 - 14:47

hi giang giang! i'm still learning the deeply idea from your essay ! you know, when i read all it, i can imagine how hard my mom have to struggle every day for my life, but i assure you that i can't write an essay for my mom because my idea is really bad. i love my mom so much but i can't write anything about her, i'm still learning more and improve my writing skill so that i can write about my mom ^^!. when i read your essay, i really admire your style, your idea, and the beautiful image struck my mind. if you don't mind, will you write more about another topic such as the single you admire, the book you love or your favorite food, so on .... . admire you so much!

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hadia 25 June, 2016 - 10:58

Someone I admire....Hm..?
Well, This is the topic that really gathered my all attention...
For, we really have some people in our lives which we admire wholeheartedly and lovingly....
Whom we wished to see everyday and those which are always swimming in our pool of thoughts...
That's a bit interesting topic for me....Well, if someone would really ask me that Whom I do admire...I'll answer the names of following lovable persons in my life without having a second thought...
Lem'me state few thoughts of mine on this very topic...
*My Dad ( Papa G- in Urdu)
Pencil can't stop writing and pages required , are to be infinite, yet the feelings of love, gratitude and many more which I can't even explain can not be stated.
In my short span of life, which I've spent meeting different people, I've never ever found a person, a father and lovely human being like him. His life is full of achievements!! Everyone admires him much :)
Now, you would be thinking who would he be, well, he is a teacher! The most noble, and prestigious profession...The person who grooms and makes up the lives of other people :)
His words, they are just like precious diamonds...which one would never want to lose :)
When he starts speaking, it looks like he had oceans of knowledge and amazing lessons which his precise wordings can even teach us..
Sometimes, I think, how could be someone so admirable....he's such a humble person! He never boasted up...Always taught us the lesson of patience, perseverance, and hard work :)
I still remember the day, a Speech Competition held at District Level... I lost it :(
When I returned from the hall, as I was out of city, my father called me to know about the results, I told him the whole story.
It was my dream to reach and win the Provincial level but I lost at the District. He encouraged me, as everyone there did. But few lines which he told me on that day were completely unforgettable!
I made them part of my life and stuck to them. They made my day and my all sadness was gone.
They were,
And Perserverance,
Make a complete package to success :)"
I loved the way he motivated me.
If today someone asks me why I am unbeatable in Speech. The credit goes to my father. I have inherited all the speaking qualities from him. He taught me to be an orator and debater :)
He taught me everything :P I still remember The first time I ever faced stage....There stood a crowd of people in front of me , And I had to speak.....And I spoke :)
Thanks Allah :) I made it. It was years ago when I was in 2 Class :) The topic given to me was,
" Knowlege Is Power "
I'm glad I've found an amazing father...who loves me selflessly....!! I have a great bond of friendship wth him and My mother :) All the things , qualities I have today in myself are just because of him. In each step of my life either in academics or other activites, he showed me the light of guidance.
My parents mean a world to me :P

*My Mom( Mama G- in Urdu)
Second on my list is my mom :)
Sometimes, I open up a dictionary, still can't find one matching her. She's matchless :)
She is the greatest friend I've found on this patch of life in the universe:)
Her sleepless nights, days spent wholly in kitchen and our rooms , cooking the most delicious foods, settling our things, finding our lost things....which I guess we won't be able to find ever!!
She founds them :) This page is so less, to write about her....She's my everything! Even if she's tired of all the work and I ask her to help me, she always comes to me for guiding me like a shining star!
I've never heard a NO from her...She's someone, I wanna be like, in the future. She has always comforted me whenever I felt bad.... We can not even pay her back for her 1 second of life she devoted to us. :) She sacrificed her life to make ours.. Still now, even we are grown ups, we still need her to comfort us.
The thought of leaving her makes me cry. She's a Superwoman, She's the Bestest of all. No one can ever match her. She gave us Infinite love. I love her to infinity :D

*My Sis
( Api- In Urdu )
MY Best friend and the angelic person I've ever met in my life :)
She means a world to me. Never had I ever heard any bad thing from her mouth. She's so polite and humble :) She always respects and love others. The teachers who have taught her always comment that she's the most obedient person in the class.
Now she lives away from me as to complete her education. But she still resides in the core of my heart. She was the head-Girl of our school. When she left the school, I felt sad, not because i had no friends , just because She was the only sibling I had in the school. And I felt safe with her.
Whenever I go to a new place, people recognize me with her reference...He he he :) On the first day of my academy, my physics teacher asked me if I was "her" Sis... I replied," Yes, sir." He said, " Well, I must say, You're an isotope of her"
He he he :D People mostly say that we look a lot like each other, some even asked, "Are you identical twins?" And their I stand, always arguing that we have different faces. But it's okay...if they think we a re alike. We're Beautiful :D
I love her, adore her, admire her. She's the best sister!!!

Well, Well, Phew!! It's a long essay, isn't it??
I want to write more but I guess it would take much space and I think it won't fit.
There are more people.....I can name them like My few teachers...:)
No worries...I'll write some other time about them :)
I should probably keep the last part of essay for The Teacher's Day article .....
I hope I'll find one, on this site, Surly :P
One last thing, Dear Giang :))
Must say, you're an amazing writer. Your eloquent words and streams of beautiful words you used in your short essay for your mother were out-class :)
She must be very lucky to have you as her daughter!!
Stay Blessed :))

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gianggiang 4 July, 2016 - 12:46

Hi Hadia,
I do not know if my mother is lucky to have me as her daughter or not, but one thing for sure is that I'm very lucky to have her as my mother !
I like your essay very much, I will write another one about my mother soon, I hope that it is better than the previous one :)))

Yes, you're right, mothers' love is always the same regardless of nations, culture,....but when reading your essay, I noticed that :
- You wrote " days spent wholly in kitchen and our rooms , cooking the most delicious foods", I guess, your mother is a housewife, your mom is a perfect woman, but in my opinion, I still prefer a woman who is a leader in a company :)). My mom is a teacher, she works all day and only spends 90 mins at noon to come back home and cook and eat meals, so meals are not very delicious :((, but for me, she is also a perfect woman.

- And, If I had an older sister, I do not like a obedient and humble sister, I hope she will dynamic, always ready for a debate about many topics with teachers and friends so that I can imitate !

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Elsa007 27 June, 2016 - 14:13

Hi Hadia!
Wow... you're so lucky to have admirable people around you!
By the way, could you tell me the difference between "persistence" and "perseverance", hadia? I think there seems to be a slight difference....?

To my envy, you've got a perfect family: Dad guides you, mum comforts you, and your sis is obedient and angelic. You must be a person of virtue! ✨

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gianggiang 3 July, 2016 - 13:13

Hi Hadia and Elsa : )
Hadia, you are so lucky to have admirable person around you ! I thoroughly like your touching essay and it also motivated me to write another one about my mother.
But, we are from different countries, so our opinions about perfect mothers and sisters are not the same. :))

And Elsa, What about you ? We would love to hear from you, tell us about the person who you admire :))

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Elsa007 4 July, 2016 - 10:57

Hi gianggiang, again!
Do you want to hear about the person who I admire?
Okay, one of the people I admire is my Dad! Why?
Well.... when I was younger, I was a bit more shy than I am and I always got butterfly in my stomach when someone talked to me. But one day, I was surprised to see my Dad blending in with anyone else, even in the staff in a restaurant! I simply thought 'I wish I could have a courage enough to behave like him...' Later, I realised that a sort of intelligence made it happen, then, I thought maybe I could do because I had the same DNA (partially)! In fact, my younger brother and Dad were alike in every way!

And whenever I came across puzzles, I asked him. Once I asked him what the Brocken spectre was when I found a picture of it on a pocket ensychlofpedia. He explained it to me by getting me scared humorously!
Also, I heard he went through hardships supporting relatives financially and was not afraid of efforts, which also encouraged me to be more independent. Sometimes I suspect that my Mom made up the story of a hero for us children though......✨

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gianggiang 19 July, 2016 - 05:37

Hi both Elsa and Hadia,
Both you and Hadia admire Dad most, but my opinion is that Mom's always the person that we admire most in the world ! Obviously, Mom sacrifices for us more than Dad, the bond between a mother and her child is very special ! That is the reason why Vietnamese dictionaries say that " your birthday day is not only the day when you were born but also the day when your mother had to overcome a lot of difficulty to give you the chance to see the world." So : our birthday= our mom's difficulty's day :)))

And, thank you so much for telling me about your dad, What a great dad you have !
Have a nice day !

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hadia 4 July, 2016 - 00:09

Hi Giang!
The fact that we live in different countries doesn't matter.....Our Love for our MOM remains same and infinite. The difference lies in the way we express it. And we know, that sometimes despite having a fountain of lovely words, we aren't able to describe the feelings for a loved one that stays in the core of our heart. It's not because we don't want to express it or we are unable to tell.........the fact is that we don't found appropriate words to thank them and make them know how really important they are to Us. We love them but we can't explain our love in front of everyone openly. That's something really pure and can't just be merely describe in Words :)))
Dear Giang, I guess every person who loves her/his mom has the same infinite love that can not be equal to even the no. of grains of sand on the patch of Earth or the no. of water droplets that cover all the water area in this world :)) We love them wholeheartedly and that's really what matters.
Differences of Countries or areas doesn't :P Perfect Mothers and Perfect Sis :))

I personally thank you to like my essay which was a little effort and a motivational thing got from your very comments on your Mom :))
Love :))

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hadia 30 June, 2016 - 15:13

Hm.... Okay let me try to explain....
Persistence VS Perseverance
To continue and keep moving for completing a task and to score success is what I called Persistence i.e. without stopping and keep moving :)
For Perseverance, it's the state of being steady and determined to do a work despite all the hardships in it, with PATIENCE :) I guess Perseverance is something that is more required to achieve goal. As patience is a great thing which we have to pursue. To make a long story short, I'd say that,

Persistence=Patience= Perseverance

We need to persevere to be successful. Even in case of failure. Failure is not a disgrace if we persevere :-)
What do you think??? I tried. but I think you can also share what do you think about these two. They're quite similar.
Hm.......I guess there's one thing that'll clear your idea about perseverance. Recently, I watched Disney Princess' Enchanted Tales. There I watched a Movie of Princess Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty- as everyone knows here ) . Her life as A Crown Princess. She tells her story about how she succeeded in managing the Castle superbly and all by herself. Without the King ( her father). She tells us the story of her Perseverance. Please watch it. It's really amazing. it's having a great lesson. :)) I hope it'd make the difference clear.

BTW, thanks for always replying to my (not-so-awesome) comments XD
Everyone's lucky to have lovely parents. They are a Blessing. What about you?? Do you admire someone?? Do write soon :)
Stay Blessed~!

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Elsa007 4 July, 2016 - 11:27

Hi Hadia!
Thank you for the great reply!
I perfectly understood and agree with you!

By the way, hadia, may I make a bit change on your equation? (Persistence=Patience= Perseverance)
I would rather say.... Persistence=Passion= Perseverance✨
I mean there is no 'patience' in my dictionary; all the things that make it happen are passion which support both persistence and perseverance. That's what my dictionary says...... :)

Thank you for letting me know Disney Princess' Enchanted Tales! I'll watch it during my vacation.
I think a hero might be created by a glamorization of the tale... and people are much alike!
The things is if you have someone you can trust and can let your real self out in front of the person, that's the person worth admiring for you!
What do you think, hadia? ✨

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kleine_goga 6 June, 2016 - 15:02

I admire my grandam because she could do everthink for us and she invested all her Money and time in us and our school. She was always fair and she protected us.
I want be like she when I grow up. Thank you for all dear grandam.

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fcomorales 19 May, 2016 - 00:54

someone i admire is Luis Suarez, is a pro football player, he play for the Spanish team Barcelona F.C, is also my favorite team, hes from Uruguay and he is 28 years old, hes in the top 3 best players of the world, i like him a lot, as a player obviously.

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gianggiang 17 May, 2016 - 14:53

Who I admire ? I admire myself because of various reason !
1) I often get up before the sun to review old lesson and prepare new ones incase my teachers ask me to join in a small oral test.
2) I always doing homework frequently and industriously and only have dinner after finishing all exercises. My brain's still working whereas my belly is on strike.
3) I join in a website and study all subjects there but I never cut class and always try to join in online tests as much as possible.
4) I never forget to greet the guardian and nurse at school whenever I meet them as " A greeting is a sunshine ".
5) I am patient enough to do extra homework ( Which I collect from online teachers who never know about my existence ).
6) I'm really a brave soldier as I'm consistent to study in the evening regardless of being attack by mosquito ( I admit, my legs are itchy ;)
7) I look up to myself because I don't hesitate to change and always " refresh " myself. While my friends still care about North American and European masterpieces, I 've discover alot about Japanese, Korean and South American literature. Moreover, I am avid for Indonesian culture ( Dangdut music and the renowned book " The rainbow Troops".

But, I am not arrogant at all :) I believe each of us has a special talent. And maybe you didn;t realise. You have some advantages that the others always aspire, you're good at social subject whereas I am hopeless at them, you visit many big cities whereas I have never left my delta, but I can play pen tapping and pen rolling but you can't...Therefore, love yourselves, admire yourselves, treat yourselves happily before you expect to be respected by others..

Always positive, cheerful, upbeat, admire yourselves and never let yourselves be looked down on ! This song is for you : Who says ? ( Selena Gomez )

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Elsa007 18 May, 2016 - 16:01

Hi gianggian
Great to hear you admiring yourself! Very impressive.✨

You know, sometimes it's very important to treat yourself as the respect you believe it deserves, which far from a boast.
In our life, it's not all tea and crumpet. It's not all roses and sunny days. Then a cowardly custard whispered me, "Sit in a well so that you won't get wet and won't be bothered by bad smell". It was enough to start with, but one day I found myself wandering through great reaches of a tunnel for ages.

This is wrong. It's not the place I should live. I need the sun to be myself. I need fresh air to move forward. I need a partaker with my joys and sorrows by side to help each other.
Then, my naughty soul whispered, "Come out of the tunnel of your despair and let's play outside! Rain? Not care at all. Bad smell? Not give two hoots! Find peace!"

“The train came out of the long border tunnel - and there was the snow country. The night had turned white.”
Snow Country... may also be the place where I can be myself being curled in someone's warm embrace. :)

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gianggiang 20 June, 2016 - 05:27

Hi Elza,
A positive thought ! But it's my turn to sit in that well so as to avoid bad smell and rains ( No, exactly, not to be bothered by thunderstorm and lightning,..) My English test result was too bad, terrible :(((

It's my turn, I have a small social exercise : ( It is me who is the author of these questions :)

1) Has jealousy ever mingled with admiration ? Set an example and explain your opinion.
2) How would you feel and what would you do if one day, talent of the person you admire a lot were exposed as a fake ?
3) What are differences between admiring a billionaire and admiring a brilliant student who is the same age as you ?

Choose only ONE question to answer and find the relationships between Question 1 and Q3, Q2 and Q3. Good luck.

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Elsa007's picture
Elsa007 21 June, 2016 - 10:55

Hey, giang, it's not the time for sitting in the well!! :p
I can't believe you've got a bad test result.... What happened to you, giang, for a lack of sleep?

Anyway, I'll try to answer your good questions!
Okay, I think I must choose Q3 to connect other questions as you say, although my answer may sound nonsense!

"Admiring a billionaire" and "admiring a brilliant student who is the same age as you" have in common in terms of 'admiring' :). It does not matter who to admire, the very fact is to 'admire'.
Although some people may think there are different levels of 'admiration' which includes jealousy, self-admiration, unspoken admiration, heartfelt admiration, respect and so on, in my opinion, there is no such admiration mingling with jealousy! There will be anything new out of jealousy, which only to cause spiral downward with a panic and negative feelings that I had before. Now I understand admiration is beyond the self and the status quo.
Additionally, I rarely admire celebrities or ordinary people who try to attract admiration with brilliant stories and make a big scene, since there are two sides on the same coin. I maybe a bit suspicious. Indeed, my most admirable person is my dad despite the fact that I knew the time when he was not going along in top gear, though who passed away suddenly.

Don't narrow your perspectives in the well, gianggian!✨

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TrungAnh 22 April, 2016 - 10:18

Someone I admire is my mother. She is very kind, friendy and she a good women. She is medium heigh and has got black hair.
My mother love children. She is a teacher and I have been her pupil.
My mother is slim because she work very hard to nuture me and my brother. She is very busy because she is hard-working and I admire how successful she has been in her career.
I love my mom.

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Elsa007 8 March, 2016 - 11:15

To admins!
I'm confused with comments right now.
PLEASE DO NOT upload the comment sent on 8 March, 11:10!!
If necessary, I'll rewrote it!! Oh my goodness…………!
Elsa ☆彡

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