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About my family

From: kellycali@ainrofilac.eg

To: yoko@idkwyl.ptm

Subject: My family


Dear Yoko

Let me tell you about my family. I live with my mum, my dad and my big sister. We live in California. My mum’s name is Carmen. She’s Mexican and she speaks English and Spanish. She’s a Spanish teacher. She’s short and slim, she’s got long, brown hair and brown eyes. My dad’s name is David. He’s American. He’s tall and a little fat! He’s got short brown hair and blue eyes. He works in a bank. My sister Shania is 14 and she loves listening to music. She listens to music all the time! She’s got long brown hair and green eyes, like me. I’ve got long hair too. We’ve got a pet dog, Brandy. He’s black and white and very friendly.

Write soon and tell me about your family.



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Do you have a big family?


Israa_Tantawy's picture
Israa_Tantawy 3 September, 2017 - 22:26

I live with my mum, my dad and my only big brother. My dad is a teacher in secondary school. He is tall, a little fat, has short black hair and black eyes. My mother is a nurse in public hospital. She is very social and helpful person. My brother is a doctor. He is 27 years old. He usually bothers me. He loves her job very much.

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Pinkpink 26 September, 2017 - 20:17

I live in The north of Italy with my mother and my grandma.
Few members in my family but we are super happy.

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Mikyaleee 3 September, 2017 - 15:25

I have a big family. My familiy consist of 7 member include my parents and it's getting bingger when some of my sister and brother get married and have childern. I'm the youngest member in my family and the different one! My Mon is a housewife si she didn't work and stay in home everyday and my father is a labour but he have a side business. We've got a pet chickens and cats.

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vinya 24 August, 2017 - 04:34

I live in a small house with my parents, my older sister and an adorable pet dog-Chanie. My parents are farmers, they work hard everyday to pay for living. My mother is the one i love most. She"s slim and short. She's got a long black hair. My father is older than her, he's got a little bit fat and he's got a short hair. My older sister is studying in a university, she is short and slim. She studies so well. So do i, haha. Like any other asian, we've got black eyes and live happily together. i am a grade 12 student. I am trying my best for my university, it almost takes whole my time. I, however don't forget to take care of my lovely dog, he's really adorable and smart. We love him and so does he.

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KimOanh's picture
KimOanh 13 August, 2017 - 17:16

Let me tell you about my family . I live a small house near a field in Hai Phong . There are 4 people in my family : My prarent , my small sister and me .My parent is farmers. My mom's got a long, black hair and black eyes. She is 58 .My dad 's got a short, black hair . He is 59 . My sis is 15 . She 's got a long , black hair and brown eyes . She is student. She like cycling, walking and listening music. She is study better than me , and she is a thrill seeker . We have got a cat pet . She 's got yellow and white hair and very lovely. Specially , she like eating fish . My famiy often go out to have a dinner at weekend. Sometimes , In holiday , my parent take my sis and me get out on the mountain and get some fresh air .After work every day, my mom often cooks many good food for all the members of my family. I really realy love my family .
Hope to hear you soon and don't forget tell me about your family

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Mingo 6 August, 2017 - 14:51

Hello everyone,
You can call me Mingo. I'm from VietNam. Let me tell you about my family. I live with my dad, my step-mother and my brother. We live in VietNam, beautiful country. Step-mother and dad are teacher and they teach math, I study math good, a littel, of course, hi. My brother is got tall, got black hair and brown eyes and he loves gameshow of reality. I'm got a short hair, and don't like anypet.

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dtkh1156 6 August, 2017 - 09:15

There're 5 people in my family : my father, my mother, me and 2 younger sister. We live in Vietnam.

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JC 5 August, 2017 - 10:12

Hi. I live in a cozy house with my mum, my dad and my little brother. My parents are both from South of our country. My mum has long black hair which makes her so pretty, and my dad has short black hair. My little brother is tall and slim. I love my family.

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catastrophe's picture
catastrophe 26 July, 2017 - 14:31

We are three in my family. Me, my mum and dad. But we're just a teeny weeny bit of what I call as my family.
From my dad's side, my grandmum and grandpa, my cousin, my aunt and uncle. My cousin and me are of the same age, and we go to the same school. We usually have a great blast when we're together.
And from my mum's side, another set of funny grandparents, and three uncles and aunties, and of course, my sweet little cousins!!! They're just the best!!!
Well, life wouldn't be the same without them. In my opinion, it's better to have a cousin than a sibling. The longing you have to meet 'em, well, you can't get it from a sis. Cheers, everyone!!! ✌

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Swimmer477 26 July, 2017 - 06:33

Hello. Yes I have a big family. I live with my mum, dad, granny, aunt, and my little sister. We live in Rostov, in Russia. My mum`s name is Marina, she is 36. My dad`s name is Aleksey, he is 39. We`ve got two dogs, two cats, and a one little fish.

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Martellqro's picture
Martellqro 18 July, 2017 - 03:31

Let me tell you about my family, I live with my parents and my two sisters, I'm the big brother. We live in Querearo, My mum's name is Urania, she is a Housewife, my dad's name is Lalo, He is an account, My sister Ely is 10 and my sister Aby is 8

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ReflectionOfSky's picture
ReflectionOfSky 14 July, 2017 - 00:43

Hey! Let me talk about my family!
I live in a big house with my mom, my dad, my brother and three younger sisters, we're a big family! We live in São Paulo, Brazil. My mom's name is Evely and she's a nanny. My dad's name is and he is a eletrecistian. Everybody in my family is tall, have black hair and brown eyes. I love my family ^^

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snsd2203 4 July, 2017 - 09:37

Let me introduce my family. We live in Vietnam. There are five people in my family. They are my dad, my mom, two younger sisters and me. My dad is Hau. He is engineer. He is 50 years old. He's so clever and smart. He always stands by my side when i'm sad or fail and encourages me for the best things. My mom is Trang, she is 45 years old. I'm sure that my mum is so talent and clever. She was born in a difficult family and now she is a success woman. She has a long black hair. For me, she looks like queen.

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SC902_'s picture
SC902_ 6 August, 2017 - 16:03

Hello snsd2203!
Glad to see another Vietnamese around! I'm Vietnamese too. And hey, your family is nice! Wish you and your family always have a good time!
Best regards,
- SC902_

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Shri 29 June, 2017 - 06:35

I live with my mom, dad and younger brother. My mom name is maya. She is a house maker. My dad works in a bank. My brother is studying.we have a pet. His name is timon. He's got a brown hair.I love my timon very much. We play together in evening in the garden.

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jianhui 12 June, 2017 - 14:26

i have a big family , my mom, my father ,my older sister . my mother is slim and has got black hair and black eyes , she is a very kind of person. my dad is very strong ,he has got short and black hair , he has a irritable temper . my older sister has got a little fat,but she is trying to lose weight. by the way ,we are Chinese .

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SLMT's picture
SLMT 28 May, 2017 - 12:34

There're five people in my family,father ,mother and older sister.My father is 57 years old. He is a bit fat and has silver hair. He looks older than his real age bcoz of his silver hair. He always need to wear, coz he has poor eyes sight.Just like him, I also wear glasses . I got this gene from my dad, I guess. My mother is 55 years old and she is two years younger than my dad. Both of my parents are engineers. My dad is electrical engineer and my mom is civil engineer.So my dream is to become a civil structural enginner like my mom. She always help my school worls and always teach me whenever she has free time . Even she has to go to work everyday, she always keep our house clean and tidy.She is both a good wife and an ancridible mother.My older sister25 years old.She is educated from Hong Kong University.She is also my English teacher. But I don't like her teaching bcoz we always ended by fight whenever she tried to teach me. But my mom fouse her to teach me. What a bad luck for me. Among three of them, mom is the one who I love most. Shuuuuu......Don't tell my dad. It's a secret :)

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098023376L 3 April, 2017 - 13:35

Let me tell you about my family. I'm so much proud to tell you about them. We are a family of 4. I live with my mum, my dad and my big sister. I love all of them so much. My mum's name's Ann. She's 38. She's nurse. She has answer to all my question. I love her so much. She's my angel. My father's name's Samvel. He's 43. She's got a shoes company and clothes shop.. I so much proud of him. My big sister's name's Lala. She's 18. She's very smart and clever. I love her so much beacuse she's my life. She's listening to music but everytime she busy for her homework. She's student in univercity. she'svery beatifull green eyes. I've not got a pet. I don't like them.

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hamad90's picture
hamad90 14 March, 2017 - 10:09

yes of course . I live with my parents i have two sisters my big brother called Kadi is a policeman ,we live in Algeria i've got short black hair and brown eyes my small sister has got long brown hair and brown eyes she's got also a pet cat called aywa, i love my family

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mikiihwang's picture
mikiihwang 20 February, 2017 - 16:04

My family has 5 people: dad, mum, 2 younger sisters and me.
My dad was born in 1965, he's 52. He's an built-worker. He's a very kind, warm father. He has black skin because he works very hard every day from morning to evening outside and under the sun to earn money for living. That's why I love dad so much.
I also love my mother ♥ She's a beautiful, generous, talented woman. She has big black eyes, long curly hair and tanned skin. She's as tall as me. She's a worker and she works hard everyday to earn money.She usually scolds me and sisters but I can understand the reason is she just want her children to be mature.
I love all members of my family ♥

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naddmadd16's picture
naddmadd16 3 February, 2017 - 15:31

Let me tell you about my family.....they are awsome.I have 6 siblings and i am the fourth.Two sisters one brother and 2 little brothers.

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Diana422's picture
Diana422 18 February, 2017 - 11:49

Hello everyone ! I love my family very much. I've got mum , dad and brother .My mum is very kind .She is a hairdresser .And she has got short brown hair and brown eyes .She loves cooking .She cooks very good . My dad is a doctor .He is very good doctor .He loves to read . I love my parents .And my small brother .He loves to discover new stuff .He is interested football and mathematics .I love my family!

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Assooma's picture
Assooma 26 January, 2017 - 14:50

Yah my family is big there's my father my mother three boys and three girls there's three members bigger than me and tow younger than me..am in the center..!>

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Micheal_geo's picture
Micheal_geo 13 January, 2017 - 06:22

Hello Everyone,

let me introduce myself. My name is Micheal. I'm Mongolian. In my Family there's my dad, my mom, my little bro and me. My dad is tall and little fat. He is old, so i think he has lot of life experience. He is a my mentor :). My mom is beautiful and kindly person. She looks like me but of course she older than me :P. My little brother is tall, handsome and smart. I'm so proud of him. I love my family. I really want to study English very good. Help me guys, please.

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