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Someone I admire

My cousin Laura

Someone I admire is my cousin Laura. She’s five years older than me, so she’s 19 now and she lives in Bristol. She’s very friendly and confident and she’s got long, wavy, brown hair and greeny-brown eyes. She’s medium height, slim and very fit because she’s a dancer.

She’s been dancing since she was six years old and trains every day at her dance school. She wants to be a professional dancer, but it’s a very difficult profession because it’s so competitive. She often dances in shows and I’ve been to watch her several times. Her favourite type of dance is modern, which is sometimes a bit strange, but I love watching her dance.

Laura is very busy because she also studies photography at university. She’s a really good photographer and has taken lots of amazing photos of me and my family. Her photos have won a few prizes and last year one of her photos was in an exhibition at an art gallery in London.

Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time and she’s also trying to learn German because she wants to go to Germany next year to do a photography course. I think Laura is very hard-working and she deserves to become a professional dancer one day.

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Tell us about a friend or family member who you admire.


Mihael's picture
Mihael 29 January, 2019 - 14:21

Someone I admire is my mom. She's very loveble person and a very patient mom in the world hehe. I like cuisine because it's originally made by her, have a strong seasoning, and of course it's very delicious.

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Youjiro 19 January, 2019 - 12:04

Someone I admire is my grandmother. She is hard-worker and patient.She gives me a lot of knowledge of study.I love foreign couture .

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Chuntouxulaoban's picture
Chuntouxulaoban 7 October, 2018 - 16:19

My grandmother

My grandmother is a love life person. She was a mathematics teacher in middle school so she is very smart. For example, My scores of mathematics is always terrible since middle school. I felt so sad about that so I ask my grandmother for help to teach me mathematics. We were really work hard for a summer holiday. She taught me a lot every day and gave quiz to assess my ability. After that summer, my mathematics had improved a lot. I think she is a very smart teacher because she knows how to adjust her teaching in order to fit every students.

Also, she is studying piano in senior university these days. She is a hard-working students, because she practices half an hour a day. For instance, she ask me to teach piano. I thought she just study it for fun, but I'm wrong, she treats it so serious. She will ask a lot during my teaching, and then she will recite each notes location after class. Even though her hands are sort of stiff, she is still trying to do her best. I'm so proud of her.

Last but not least, she is a very optimistic person. I think this is very important for family education.It seems I have nerve see my grandmother feels sad. In my memories, she is always happy and kind. She is singing a lot, especially when I was a kid. In my opinion, my grandmother leads me became loving music.
All in all, she has many excellent qualities that worth to learn. She is the person I admire.

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CZKileaN's picture
CZKileaN 25 May, 2018 - 09:10

Someone I adrime is my best friend, Chahrazad. She's a girl and she's 16 years old, i'm older than her with 3months.
She's so friendly, funny, creative, and most important thing is loyality. litteraly i thank god that i have an amazing person in my life
i knew her when i was in Morocco, she's Moroccan , me either
Since i moved to live in Belgium, all my friends forgot me and i realized they were Fake friends, but she ... she never disappointed me, she always text me , every single day
today is my birthday. nobody cared. only her, she gave me a thing that really made me happy, she brought a necklace and sent it to me , over 5000 km
I really love her and i can't imagine myself without her.
in next 2 months, i'm going to visite Morocco once again, she said that she won't go to her competition, and she will visite me. Would anyone do this?
but I promised her that i will go and support her in her competition
she was really happy
i'm so happy i know this person.

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Martina03's picture
Martina03 3 February, 2018 - 11:33

Someone I admire is my best friend. His name is Andrea , he is 14, he has blond short hair and he has light blue eyes, he is tall and he has a little tanned complexion. I admire him because he has a beautiful personality. He always make me laugh and he helps me when I'm sad. He is the strongest boy that I know. I want to become strong like him. I'm a lucky girl to know him.
(sorry if there are some errors in it).

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Elsa007's picture
Elsa007 25 April, 2018 - 00:54

Wow.... I’m not sure if it’s an error, but “He is the strangest boy I ever know” would be correct...?!

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PeanutPie's picture
PeanutPie 14 January, 2018 - 02:31

Someone I admire is my grandma Helena.
She’s 76 years old and is a retired teacher, she is short and average build and she lives in Brazil.
The reason that I admire her is that when she had 31 (I think that is the age...), she lost my grandpa then she created 4 children alone, in this time she was the woman responsible for the cleaning of the principal school of our city, when my mom completed 9 years old, she started to study to be a teacher and in the 80’s she graduated from the college.
She is my inspiration of a Strong woman. One day I’ll be strong like her.
(Sorry If have an error in the text...)

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IamYegane's picture
IamYegane 12 December, 2017 - 16:15

Someone i admire is my last literature teacher. her name is Sarah. She has 31 years old. One year ago i hated literature but in the middle of Academic year I felt i'm in love with this subject and Sarah is the reason. I wasn't good in this subject,but then she helped me to learn it better and now I'm the best student in literature class :) Sarah is the reason why... She will not teach me literature for ever...but she said "If you want to make me happy, just be the best" .

Another person is my mom... I really love her and sometimes i feel i can't leave without my mom :) When i look at her beautiful face, I see past when she helped me in everything...She means everything to me.

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Elsa007's picture
Elsa007 13 December, 2017 - 13:00

I'm impressed by your touching writing about "The gift".
Sarah looks great in drawing the best out of you, and your mom looks like a source of your power! How lucky you are! :))

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kaniza's picture
kaniza 8 October, 2017 - 17:55

Someone I admire is Yusra Mardini. She is a17 year old girl and she lives in Germany. She is a Syrian refugee. She has got long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. She is medium height and slim.
She is a swimmer and she trains in the Olympic Refugee team. She migrated to Germany because of the Syrian war. She had to escape in a boat.
Despite all the terrible things that happened to her, she is very successful. She competed in the 2016 Olympics. She dreams of winning more medals and she is focused and determined. I admire her because she is a hard worker and a nice person.

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camoi_the_cake's picture
camoi_the_cake 23 September, 2017 - 23:13

Someone I admire is my Dad, because he's always there. He's kind, and strict at the same time. He takes care of me, and is a hard worker. Lot's of people ask my dad for help because of how much he knows, and it makes me proud to be his daughter.

Just like he gives others help he helps his family out in many ways. First he pays the bills, works to feed us, and gives us life lessons that will stay with me and my sisters forever. I wan't to be someone alot like my dad since i'm not able to be exactly like anyone.

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Homin's picture
Homin 21 September, 2017 - 11:07

someone i admire my friend Maryam.She is 28 years old and lives in Tehran.
Maryam is my best friend.she is kind,lovely,attractive girl.I always encourage she in her job.her major is architecture like as me.she does projects as well as a good architect.we also do some projects with together.
me and Maryam meet together 8 years ago,when we are 19.so i know her like as her family.my friend tries to improve her abilities in architecture and i think this is a positive option for her.

actually in our friendship,Maryam is better than me.she always helps me in my life.when i have a big problem,she makes me happy by everything.
I love Maryam and i wish the best for her.

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Jonathan - Coordinator's picture
Jonathan - Coor... 21 September, 2017 - 14:56

Thanks for your lovely message, Homin. I need to tell you that this website is specially for teenagers aged 13-17 years old. You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but as you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other. But you are welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglish We hope to see you there :)

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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SLMT's picture
SLMT 8 June, 2017 - 04:19

The person I admire in my family is my mom.I not only love but also admire her.Our family is broken family.My parents' marriage ended in divorce when I was 12 years old.My mom has to raise my eleder sister and me alone.I've never seen my mom said she is tired to raise us throughymy life time.She raise us no one can point us as divorce children.She make sure there's no absence for us. Love,care,education,money etc... All of them are given us.We didn't have to say we need something.Even she has to work alone,she never lost a chance to care her children.She always picked up when our school finished in the evening.She also helped our school works.She never had absence of coming to our school's parents day,fathers day,mothers day and school parties.She always told bedtime fairy tale before we go to bed.She also made us attend to English class,piano class & swimming class in summer holidays.No one can't blame her and say any bad things about her.My sister finished her high school with high marks and she was accepted by Hong Kong University.Now she is attending Master there.She is eight years older than me.I hope I can be a daughter my mom can be proud.For the above reasons,my mom is my admire person.

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morfouz's picture
morfouz 30 May, 2017 - 20:46

I admire is my brother. he is very friendy and he is a great person. he is medium heigh and has got black hair.
He is a administrative.
My brother is slim because he work very hard . he is very busy because he is hard-working and I admire how successful he has been in his career.

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BRPCuzcoJaime's picture
BRPCuzcoJaime 17 April, 2017 - 03:44

Hi, someone i admire is my grandfather José Reynaldo. why i chose to my grandfather?
Because he is serious but friendly, brave, competitive, hard-working and calm. In my opinion, the qualities that has my grandpa are teaching me to i am better person because when he was 12 years old. He had to work to help his mom. Then, He met my grandma and they together created all that today my family in general have. Finally, I miss my grandpa becuase I study in Gye.

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BRPCELORIOCARLOS1 16 April, 2017 - 17:57

Someone I admire is my father Carlos. He's very friendly and brave. He is tall and fit because he plays soccer since he was ten years old and now too. My father is a busy person but he always help me when I have a problem. He listen me and he meets me. I love to my father and some day I’ll be how he.

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Sorry420's picture
Sorry420 28 March, 2017 - 08:27

Someone I admire is my friend Sarah. She is 15 years old. She lives in New York with her family. She looks like very pretty. Sarah got long height and slim fit body.

Sarah study in school year 10 . She is very busy now with her study. She want to be a Doctor in her future life .
In free time Sarah loves playing Tennis with her friends. She also love watching movie.

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Elsa007's picture
Elsa007 15 March, 2017 - 07:12

In my opinion, I've never seen a perfect person. But I admire at least a positive and honest person about what they do. They don't have to think about how others feel about it. From what I feel and gather, I admire such a person anyway :)

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xoxomanalbb's picture
xoxomanalbb 13 March, 2017 - 19:02

Hi, well i'm here to express my feelings toward a special someone, and i think that my situation is a little bit pitiful, because i have never told him about my emotions in the past where he was right next to me,
he cared a lot about me, we share stories together and i felt like i was home when i was with him,
I only hope that he'll comeback, so we can be happier, because all i have with me now is painful memories .

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Ken's picture
Ken 15 March, 2017 - 13:04

Hi xoxomanalbb,

I was deeply affected by your comment for some reason or other.
You're a good girl and I believe that you can have your special be aware of your brave smile.
Let's see how it's going!

。.(✿╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。(๑◔‿◔๑) ✲゚


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gianggiang's picture
gianggiang 19 July, 2016 - 06:49

In this world, there is a woman that :
If I played truant and neglected my study, she would chew me out and punish me strictly, but her heart still has enough tolerance and love to forgive all my faults. If I and my brother had a row, she would tell us off, but her arms are still large enough to embrace us tight.
That is my mother- the woman I admire most in this world !

My mother is always busy, who often goes to work when the Sun is sleeping with a blanket of clouds, only backs home when the Moon and stars are playing hide-and-seek in the pitch dark sky and grass is covered with night dew. Despite being tired, smiles're always on her face whenever she sees me. And only when she smiles do I realise the divine beauty hidden in her eyes, which are aglow with pleasure, happiness and as bright as sunshine :))

Both sun and water give us a life, I love not only her eyes ( sunshine) but also her hair ( water). Her hair looks like a beautiful cascade which originates from Lang Biang mountain, it's so silky that every once in a while, I'm afraid it will flow away like water :>
My Mom often sits on the step of the house combing her hair, she combs and combs it as if she was tracing some special happiness somewhere : " You will be a grown up person when my hair turns white", she said to me. I sit silently beside her and my eyes mist with tears.
- Oh, my daughter, an easy-to-cry girl, obviously, our hair turns white when we are older.
Her hand pats me on my shoulder, a feeling of warm run along my back. Of all things, I love her hands most, which have to do a lot of household chores. Her hands are so strong and protective when carrying a baby, skillful when kniting woolen scarf, delicate when wiping away tears on my face. Dad's hands can never be the same.

There's a simile that a woman's moral beauty is like a night rain, you are not able to tell it's raining unless you listen to the pitter-patter on the roof, and you can't feel my mom's virtue and dignity unless you see her behaviour and life-style and listen to...her voice :P
My mother is an erudite woman who often has optimistic outlooks on every problem. She encourages me to pursue and actualise my dreams, let me do what I'm passionate about....although, sometimes, she get a little disappointed with my decision and worried about my illogical ideas, as she promised, I need to stand on my own feet, sooner or later, my mom can't take me under her wing any more, I will fly with my own wings.

My mother is a great woman who sacrifices all her life for us, yet sometimes, I let her down, I bought an exorbitant lipstick and treated myself to ridiculously expensive cake and ice-cream whereas my mom was saving up little by little money to pay for water and electric bills. I hang out when my mom is working hard to bring me up...She doesn't blame me, but I feel guilty of my bad behaviour. I remind myself to change and obey her. "An unruly child is always a sadness for a mother"

Despite knowing that no word can describe my mom's sacrifice and my admiration for her, I still write something : My mom is like a giant tree shadowing every corner of my life, like a fire heating my soul, like a wind blowing all sadness, like a pure stream flowing straight to my heart :)) Although once in a blue moon, I cold- shoulder my mom, refuse her care and " Why do you take care of me too much?", she still love mes, protects me from sorrows and pain in my life, she always stand by me, pray for my happiness, dispel despair and fear...How much I respect her ! I will sing the song " The enternal mother" for my mom forever.

Therefore, if anyone who still own your mother an apology, say sorry to her, you don't need to say you love her, not necessary to kiss or embrace her, just never let her down and obey her so that she's always happy.
Bird needs blue sky, fish need large ocean, and all of us need our immense moms'love to live in this tiny world.

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halfblood_prince's picture
halfblood_prince 27 November, 2016 - 14:47

hi giang giang! i'm still learning the deeply idea from your essay ! you know, when i read all it, i can imagine how hard my mom have to struggle every day for my life, but i assure you that i can't write an essay for my mom because my idea is really bad. i love my mom so much but i can't write anything about her, i'm still learning more and improve my writing skill so that i can write about my mom ^^!. when i read your essay, i really admire your style, your idea, and the beautiful image struck my mind. if you don't mind, will you write more about another topic such as the single you admire, the book you love or your favorite food, so on .... . admire you so much!

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gianggiang's picture
gianggiang 8 December, 2016 - 10:44

Thank you so much, halfblood-prince,
I have to study more to improve my English writing skill.

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