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Do you agree that social media makes us feel lonelier sometimes?


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Giovannichoi 27 April, 2020 - 04:36

Yes, I strongly think that, since my friends don't talk with me and send me only nonsense text messages. They always looking at their smartphones and whenever I tried to talk with them, they said they will send me a cacaotalk messages, knowing I don't have smartphone! I can't understand my friend when they always pick up their phone afterclass and giggling or curse looking at SNS. I actually, don't have smartphone, but it's not old and not junk. But some says the phone which is not smartphone isn't phone and the user of that is old!! If the users of the smartphones are the best poeple in the world, they can look down on my grandparents, cause they don't have smartphones! They upload something on SNS or chat through text messages, and even talk on the phone, even if we hardly gather together. And I probably think that they will do the same with that friends who was talking on the online with me. So, I think it's not so good for us, since I lost my real friends.

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Thu 23 August, 2019 - 08:43

I don't feel anything, I also feel it is a little annoying. Example like sometimes, your group chat texted too much, so the sound of the messages will be annoying. Also, I don't feel anything. : )

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Mihael 19 May, 2019 - 02:17

Yess... I think so. It feels like the more I'm scrolling the social media the more I know that I'm actually alone. It hurts me anyway :(

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Youjiro 29 January, 2019 - 08:37

I hate social media such as FB,twitter and instagram. That is business for talent to improve own name . Some politician use social media to spread their message to the civilization.I don't too much time on the internet .I think waste of time .

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686119 18 May, 2016 - 23:36

yes i agree beacuse i think that we talk with all the persons by the cellphone and not in person.

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Wongy 18 May, 2016 - 23:09

yes, i think that sometimes we need social media to keep us entertain. So we talk with other people or we are on facebook, twitter,etc.

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