Which animals can you see in cities? This article tells you about more than just dogs and cats!

One night in December 2011, a bear came into the city of Vancouver in Canada. It walked through the city streets past houses, shops and offices. Then it found some food in bins outside a restaurant and started eating. In the morning, someone saw the bear and called the police. The police came with a vet from the city zoo. They put the bear in a lorry and took it to the mountains outside the city. Luckily, the bear was safe. But what happens in other countries when big animals come into cities? In Vancouver it is unusual to see a bear, but in some cities you can see big animals on the city streets every day.

Big animals usually come into cities to find food. In Cape Town in South Africa baboons come into the city when they are hungry. They go into gardens and eat fruit from trees. They even go into houses and take food from cupboards and fridges! Baboons are strong animals and they can scare people. But the city can be dangerous for baboons too. Sometimes, cars and buses kill baboons in accidents. Human food is very bad for the baboons’ teeth because it has a lot of sugar. Now, there are Baboon Monitors working in Cape Town. Their job is to find baboons in the city and return them to the countryside.

In Berlin in Germany, pigs sometimes come into the city to look for food. They eat flowers and plants in parks and gardens. Sometimes they eat vegetables from gardens and they walk in the street and cause accidents. Some people like the pigs and they give them food and water to drink. Other people do not like the pigs and they want the government and the police to stop them entering the city.

In Moscow in Russia, there are 35,000 wild dogs. The dogs live in parks, old houses, markets and train stations. Some dogs live in groups and others live alone. Many people in Moscow like the dogs. They give them food and water. Some people make small houses for the dogs in their gardens. This helps the dogs in winter, when the temperature in Moscow is -10 ºC and there is a lot of snow and ice.

Many animals live in cities. In some cities, you can see birds, insects, mice and squirrels every day. But sometimes, it is dangerous when big animals come into cities to find food. We need to find ways of stopping animals coming into the city without hurting them.

Robin Newton

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Which animals do you see in the town or city where you live?


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taokhonghat 20 January, 2019 - 14:45

This article makes me think that: 'Why do those wild animal leave the forest and come to the city to find food?'

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Patiiii 11 January, 2017 - 16:31

Hey Guys

I think the story is interesting, because I love animals. I’m lucky to hear that the police in Vancouver call the vet from the city zoo and that they took the bear to the mountains outside the city. I would find it funny if I see a baboon crossing a road in Cape Town, but for him it’s scary and his locking only for food. Vancouver and Cape Town are not the only cities where are animal looking for food in cities in Berlin in Germany and in Moscow in Russia too. So we can see that all around the world are hungry animal that are searching food.

Thanks for reading.

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sarikalt 11 January, 2017 - 15:15

Hey community, how are you doing?

I think that animals not go around the Citys,because People are scared. I love animals but when I go along the street an I see a Baboon , I'm scared too! I live in Austria and I see not so much Dogs and cats, but in other countries you see many Dogs and very much cats.
I think the People in In Moscow in Russia, are very helpful and very social, because they give them food and water. Some people make small houses for the dogs in their gardens. This helps the dogs in winter, when the temperature in Moscow is -10 ºC and there is a lot of snow and ice.

Thank you for reading
Sarah :D

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Gibi 5 January, 2017 - 13:54

Hey guys,
I think that big animals in cities aren't good. Because a bear or a dog can injure people.Big animals come into cities to find food. In my city are only cats or dogs. I like the text, because there are a lot of little texts about big animals in cities.
What do you think about the text?
Let me know!

Bye! Gabriel

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Lisa_1103 4 January, 2017 - 12:42

I think this text was really great and I really like animals. But I think I will be scared when suddenly a big bear is standing in front of me. In my City there are only doves and maybe sometimes dogs or cats. The Police can in some cases dont do anything because when for example the zoo isn´t safe and the terretorie for the wild animals isn´t as big as they need. Then the animals feel not good and they will break out of the zoo. But when the state makes big and beautiful places for the animals, then they maybe feel well and dont go in the City.

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mavis2002 21 December, 2016 - 20:34

In my country and actually in my city we see a lot of dogs and cats.
And we have a lot of beautiful birds with amazing sound too.

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vanvienhuynh's picture
vanvienhuynh 20 October, 2016 - 09:10

I love animals but i hate to see the wild animals in the cities because if they go to cities to find food and water, they can make many people is dangerous. It walk in street. the accident will be happened, moreover don't like them because i was bitten by them when i was young. I need government have law to warn animals go to cities.

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ealkan 9 September, 2016 - 20:24

In my country there are some dogs cats birds. There aren't too much. And Turkish people love animals.

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lia2004 8 June, 2016 - 11:43

I live in a house near Moscow in the countryside. There are not many wilds cats and dogs but I often can see wilds ducks in my garden. We always feed them. There are two big frogs in our fountain. They always make a lot of noise.))))

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Diegosdvsf99 5 June, 2016 - 20:14

I'm from colombia, and in the city where I live. You can see dogs, cats, and birds.

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NomanEddy's picture
NomanEddy 4 March, 2016 - 15:41

there's a lot of animals in my country dogs. cats. cows. but then i love them a lot because they are too poor and most of my friends always afraid of them and and most of even love them

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shamim 18 December, 2015 - 15:02

I only see dogs, cats and birds in my town....some people give food them and others scare of them! my mum every morning put something for birds out of the the window

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junzi0phan 3 November, 2015 - 10:54

I'm from vietnam in my city sometimes I see some dogs walk on street I really like dog and I also have one .but sadly here so much people try to kill and eat them ;( I fell so embarrassing.

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ariina's picture
ariina 4 January, 2018 - 09:04

don't feel embarrased honey because you think in a right way you know eating dog,cat,and pigs meat is forbidden in our religion because it cause a lot of illnesses...research about it and prove it to others too...maybe it works or at least you try..

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Ken's picture
Ken 5 January, 2018 - 11:35

Agree. Don't feel embarrassed, each region has its own culture. For example, we eat whale which tastes between fish and meat, actually! ᗦ↞◃ ᗦ↞◃ ᗦ↞◃ ᗦ↞◃
Speaking of eating dogs... I've heard that dog meat and sheep get people out of the cold, that's why they are served up in cold weather region. (⌍་д་⌌)

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junzi0phan's picture
junzi0phan 4 November, 2015 - 03:57

yes . Elsa007
many restaurants have dog meat in menu food, I feel very embarrassed about that. I don't eat dog I really hate when I see someone eat dog. even someone is my dad . I wonder why they eat that food.

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Elsa007's picture
Elsa007 5 November, 2015 - 03:44

Oh no…., but the other day in a history class, we learned that cats meet are regular menu in some countries…!
Do you eat/like meant in general, june??☆

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JudiJTCoarT's picture
JudiJTCoarT 29 September, 2015 - 15:30

In where I live do not enter animals by the same fact that is not surrounded by forests. The story was interesting.

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