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VictoriyaS 18 April, 2017 - 19:00

- Hi. I`m Steve. I've come from the planet Chistlandia. My mission on Earth - to clean the planet from rubbish. Have you called me, haven't it? And now, you are my masters, and I have to do everything that you command immediately.

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Sportycoffeeforever 25 April, 2017 - 20:12

immediately after some more words about myself. Ladies and gentlemen! I'm proud to demonstrate you an extremely fashionable suit for doing everything. May be earlier you watched me on TV wearing the like. This time it has been improved - ecologicaly friendly and safe. But right now you are lucky to see something very much more extraordinary and of no less importance that the suit itself. To cut a long story short, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We have created a new element! It is........

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Lukovich 12 April, 2017 - 20:24

- General, are you sure that we need to do it? - assistant clearly was not happy about this idea.
- Don`t be such silly, buddy! This device will make our way to the future, ha-ha!
- Okay, if you are so confident... I`m activating the programme! -
Hundreds of sparkling lights started to overflow the monitore of computer, and as it was expected to be, an ancient coffin with old mummy of unknown person inside of it started to shake and make a strange noise.
- It`s not good! There is something wrong, I feel it! We need to stop the experiment! - started to cry frightened assistant.
- NOO!! - said the general and tossed the little man in glasses from the control panel, but that chaos had already stopped and big machine subsided. A little while they were intensely listening to the deep dark of the cave, where their improvised laboratory was located, when suddenly the coffin opened and a strange something ascended of it. Extremely tense silence was breached only by a few words:
- Hi. I`m Steve.

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