Ali and Ahmed are teenagers. They had to leave their home because of war. This video tells the story of their journey to Germany. They are just two of the thousands of refugees in the world today. 

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What can we do to help refugees like Ali and Ahmed?


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annalenahager 2 November, 2016 - 15:53

We could welcome them by heart and don't handle them like rubbish. When we hear the word refugees, everbody becomes angry and selfish. And nobody is thinking about the people behind this word. All of them have a woesome story and they need help. They're not coming to Austria and Germany because they are bored of their land. They are coming because they are desperately and they don't know what to do otherwise. We can help them to rebuild their land, their culture and their live. I woul help them if i could. I think we have to stop to think, that all of them are criminal. They just want a second chance and they deserve this chance.

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gianggiang 17 October, 2016 - 18:37

Ali and Ahmed were very to come to Germany safely as there were many refugees and children couldn't survive on dangerous boats. Their hometowns are unsafe to live, not all European countries accept them. Finally, refugees realized that only the sea and the immense ocean opened heart to welcome them. Finally, unlucky refugees found a shelter to sleep forever : the immense ocean. Human beings sometimes so selfish, and ocean is always so compassionate, always welcome refugees regardless of their backgrounds, religions..

United nations should enact policy or law to step in war and politic conflicts in Syria so that refugees can come back their hometowns and start over, settling down in foreign countries is not always a good idea, EU is also under a lot of pressure.

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lampard 28 August, 2016 - 05:15

Why do people worry about climate change when they are killing each other?Why they don't stick together and protect the Earth? War is the biggest , ruthless thing that happens on Earth. And greed is none limit inside the killers

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Elsa007 30 August, 2016 - 08:43

Yes, we humans have repeated and expanded these ruthless killings for one's ego (power).
Sadly, we may not be able to control climate change just like we can't control our battles.........

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sumarsdil 9 July, 2016 - 07:35

we should welcome them by heart. and provide them shelter and basic needs like food, medical education. etc

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enelmar 21 June, 2016 - 09:42

All the countries in the world can help this people providing them with houses, cars, Jobs because they should have a normal life. It is also important that the countries work together to finish with war and terrorism.

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CarmenBT 18 June, 2016 - 12:39

The video has made us more conscious of the situation of refugees nowadays. I think it's very important to understand that no one puts children in a boat unless the sea is safer than the land.

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AlSe32500 18 June, 2016 - 12:38

I think we should help the refugees. They are having a bad time, and not everyone can get to Europe safely. If we were them, we'd want someone help us.

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SoniaBallester 18 June, 2016 - 12:36

This video represents the difficulties that refugees are suffering. We must encourage people to help them and imagine how their lives would be if they were in that situation. We are lucky not to be them.

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nooeehipster 18 June, 2016 - 12:18

This sobering video shows how some people have to live their lives with a lot of problems and difficulties. I think it's important to make young people realize how other teens are suffering and realize that it could have been us. If simply we had been born in Syria instead of Sapin.

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ni122001 18 June, 2016 - 11:17

War is the worst thing ever on Earth. On the photo, Which become a symbol of the World War II , describes a soldier with helmet, In the soldier's helmet write ,WAR IS HELL''.
Now, there are so many organizations, which turn into the world as a peace place. But there is a place Syria , which is the epicenter of war. Tree or two months ago Syrians left their country and went to the Europian countries. It was tight situation because there were countries , which don't receive Syrians. So many people died , in this process. the brothers in this video, talk about their adventure from home to the new home.
It's so important to live in peace place.

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Malleymike7979 15 June, 2016 - 19:27

This video definitely represents a current situation which a lot of people suffer nowadays. We should care more about this situation. There are a lot of stories like this one, but most of them do not end as well as this one had. We should be more conscious about these things. Helping the others doesn't cost too much, maybe once you are in this situation and you'd appreciate the help

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Migmax 15 June, 2016 - 19:26

This video definitely represents a current situation which is being faced by a lot of people, and this is a quite relevant fact when it comes to knowing accurately what's happening outside our country. Therefore it's important to spread this video so that more people realize about this problem. Another point that we found interesting is that this people are unhappy due to the loss of their family and friends, even if they have managed to keep away from danger.

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