Do you ever think about who made the clothes you're wearing? Lots of people don't think about this when they're buying clothes, but a group of people in the fashion industry have started a #Fashion Revolution. Find out more by watching this video. 

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Do you ever think about who made your clothes? Do you think customers should start to ask more questions about the working conditions of the people who made the clothes they buy? 
If you're interested in this topic have a look at the Fashion Revolution website. 


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Olesya 6 September, 2015 - 11:15

For me, it is not very important the provenance of clothes but a brand who coordinates the procedure of sewing and so on because the vast majority of clothes are made in China. It is up to company whether its cares of quality and reputation of their products.
I have no idea about working conditions ...It seems to me each company should provide insurance and another obligatory stuff. Anyway, everyone is free to choose the work place if you are not satisfied with salary or working conditions you should find another job.

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iva10 28 August, 2015 - 23:02

Yes i think about it all the time.Customers should ask more about who made their clothes,where and how.And of course they should ask about their sircumstances.

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Elsa007 26 August, 2015 - 07:45

When I was younger, I used to wear clothes which my aunts made by hand for my sister and I. She made any kinds of clothes, though sometimes they were not of my choice…
All I remember is that she was very fond of making clothes and enjoying it………ツ

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Tunisian123 24 August, 2015 - 19:25

ok so i found that this video is very intresting and i guess i'm very thankful to Asians specilally people of China because most of the clothes that we wear are made in China, i sometimes see on T.V how some kids in a poor and very simple areas of China are doing a lot of hard and tiring work to get money to eat a modeste boal of rice at night.
It may seems funny for some people and so off topic but i just want to say that without China this world will never be the way he is today.

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aomsuppy 20 August, 2015 - 09:43

I like fashion. Right now in Thai, they like to "mix and match"
I will mix my Japanese clothes that I'be bought in Japan, and The clothes I bought in Thailand,
And wear it. Your fashion, your style.

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Elsa007 20 August, 2015 - 13:44

Oh oh…!
'Your fashion, your style' : 'Your taste, your life' …! ツ

-The Fashion Police (!)

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Lavender 19 August, 2015 - 09:12

"I think they take for granted that we don’t care, but we do."
That's why I love thrift clothes.
In my country if you come to a shop and ask them about the origins, the materials they will lie to you to convince you buy their products. It's the shopkeeper's job, the more clothes you sell the more money you get. I accept the high prices so the factory could have more money to invest the waste treatment but nothing guarantee they would do. Even the big companies like Apple, their factories in China have very bad work condition.

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CoolPink 10 August, 2015 - 09:12

I never was interested who makes my clothes. I know that none of my T-shirt, jeans or shorts is not manually created, because in today's world all working machines. I do not like it. Sometimes I look at the label on my shirt that I saw a number but not to see where it is made. Who knows if I was born during my grandmother sure I'd be interested, but today no.

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Ken 7 August, 2015 - 23:24

Okay, I don't have many clothes so I opened my mom's closet...!
Interestingly, they are made in various countries; the USA, Italy, France, Slovakia, Romania, Turky, Greece, Tunisia, Vietnam, China and Japan.... It's difficult for me to think of working conditions of the people who made these clothes we buy... I only knew the lower the cost, the cheaper, but now I need to think more about behind the scene of the low cost...!
But wow, she has good clothes!!
✌('ω'✌ )三✌('ω')✌三( ✌'ω')✌

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