Have you always lived in the same place, or have you lived in different places? Watch this clip to see why some people start a new life in a new country.

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Have you lived in any other places? Do you think you will live in another country in the future?


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Sonya777 1 December, 2015 - 01:07

it is very hard to adapt to a different environment, weather, friends, school, but it may be true because you need a new environment to compete with others even if you really love your hometown...
But i think i've never lived in any other places.
in my future i think i `ll go inEngland to study and maybe to live there.

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Ken 15 September, 2015 - 12:13

I myself have never migrated, but I heard my old old ancestors migrated due to the change of the regime long long time ago... I can't imagine how hard it was....

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Olesya 12 September, 2015 - 11:55

I suppose it is quite challenging to migrate because migrants have to immerse into completly different culture, learn foreigh languages. But if people face persecution,civil war, problems with job e.t.c there will be no choice but to migrate . There are a lot of people who flee from Syria , Africa and to ​seek ​political asylum right now. There is a huge problem !
As for me, I do not want to migrate because I think each people should live where they were born and make life here better.

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Herbs 8 August, 2013 - 15:00

Yes. I lived in Munich for 6 months when I'm 4 years old. I love Munich! I might live in other places in the future. :)

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Faith 5 August, 2013 - 15:03

Hi, everybody
Great video )
I hope that I would live in Canada. I like Ukraine, but I very wanna migrate, because I think, there is more better than Ukraine.
Faith from Ukraine)*

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ellen 2 August, 2013 - 11:16

I have been in İran İslam Respublic.It is vety nice country.
i saw it is very nice palaces.
I would be some countries.
For example, especially The USa( my dream country), The UK, Turkey and s.on many palaces.

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learningenglish282 14 July, 2013 - 14:37

i haven't been to another country but i hope i can in the near future :)) i like the UK. actually, i have read a book called Britain for learners of english and it really help me with understanding British culture. if i have money, i will visit England as well as Wales and Scotland :D

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SARAH K 6 July, 2013 - 09:42

No, I have never lived somewhere else before. I do not know to answer for anything about my future. When I was younger, I wanted to study in France, but later I realised that this was going to be only a beautiful child dream. Now I have understand that my parents can not afford my studies in a foreign country, but I also do not feel my self ready to be so far from my family.
I have other dreams now. Now I want to study hard and work and live in a foreign country as a capable profesionist. I think that I would make my parents feel proud from me.

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Natalija 4 April, 2013 - 17:51

I lived in several countries, like France, Spain, Turkey, and England for a year. I think that it's an amazing experience and I'd like to move to some other country in the future. I have an itchy feet and I can't stay at one place for too long. I'd like to live and study at Cambridge, England.

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Andreea 30 March, 2013 - 21:18

I would like to go in another country but not for entire life.I think that this experience has a great influence for you and help you to develops other qualities.
I hope after I will finish the facultly go several years in Uk.It is a great country and offer impressive opportunites for young people.

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Flo Gert 16 March, 2013 - 21:08

I think I would live in another place if I get a chance. I would like to live in a place that my future is safe and people are more polite than here in Albania.

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