Reduce, reuse and recycle! Join Sophia as she talks about 'the three Rs' and shares some tips on how we can all cut down on waste and help the environment.


What do you do to reduce, recycle and reuse your waste? 


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Andrius 2 May, 2021 - 14:18

I use a reusable water bottle. It benefits the environment, your health, and your finances by using the tap water and reusing your water bottle. When shopping I use my own reusable bag and buy foods with little or no packaging. It helps to reduce waste.

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Kostantinus 31 March, 2021 - 06:48

I use a fabric bag for purchases. It helps to environment and it keeps our planet safer and cleaner. I also keep vegetables and fruits in plastic boxes instead of plastic packages. It's pity that there are no recycling bins near my living place. Maybe goverment of my country doesn't care to much about recycling.

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