In her latest video, Sophia talks about her experiences observing Ramadan this year, and the personal challenges, as well as the rewards, it has brought. 

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What did you think about the video? Did you learn anything new about Ramadan? 


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Saionji 22 June, 2017 - 01:52

Great video, Sophia!
As for me , I live in the middle east, so the day is not that long. But it's much, much hotter than the UK. The temperature can easily hit 45°c ! So you get a feeling that all the water inside your body has evaporated !
But since I live here since I was a little kid, I'm used to it, and it wasn't much of a challenge for me.
No one can ever imagine how much we love Ramadan. Oh, it's GREAT! After it finishes, you're a completely different person. It's like a shower that washes you of your bad deeds and habits, and leaves a pure, nice person instead of that person you were. It only comes once a year, so we try to make the best of it. (And by the way I feel that it's the shortest month of the year, I just don't believe that it's already the 27th !)
Ramadan is not just about fasting, it's much, much, more.
Ramadan Mubarak everyone, and I wish you a very happy Eid with your loved ones (:

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