Asha talks about all the things she misses now that she's grown up. What do you think you'll miss from your childhood when you're an adult?  


What do you think you'll miss from your childhood when you're an adult? 


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hadia 21 June, 2017 - 18:00

Leaving the "childhood" charm is itself an essence that I miss so bad.
Carefree nature. School. And all childish dreams. With no worries of 'worries'.
I miss being the girl with pigtails. And as I recollect, I miss celebrating the trifle things. Those things were as simple as a line but they mattered a lot. As we've grown up, even the most important of things have turned unimportant. I missed those old days when a five rupee coin would make me smile wide. And bring a toothy grin. I miss the days of my childhood, when fantasies of princesses didn't seem unrealistic. Instead, they were the only reality I wanted to face.
I miss every single thing. Those tears in past years which were shedded, bring a huge laughter now. Childhood is indeed very special. And if spent with special gait, it turns majestic. And I opine that every person has something to miss about Childhood. It's US.
The school. School work. Sense of untiring. Competition. How much I love it.
Do you know what's the most desperate situation? When I pass regularly in front of my school, seeing a mob of students passing the school gate. And even being a student once still I couldn't reach the door freely. I can visit it, but not as a 14 year old, I once was. I can meet my old teachers but the once frankness I had with them, the once relation I held with them is now turned into more matured ex-student and teacher relationship. Everyone regards us, but there's an aura of maturity.
I don't want it. Rather, I want to feel the once frankness and even the punishments​ I've gone through in my childhood. Those moments were worth cherishing. And are simply soothing.
One should live each moment of childhood with its peak. :)
Cheers to Charismatic Childhood. :)

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hermione123 11 February, 2021 - 11:09

reading your comment makes me start to believe that maybe, maybe someday i will miss my school. that someday i will miss doing homework, or waking up early every weekday, or going to school as a middle schooler. or, even exams! because, honestly, i always think that i prefer being at home than school. and, never think that i will miss my school. and by the way, your comment is always great, hadia!

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catastrophe 27 June, 2017 - 15:28

Yeah, I agree. It really looks like a dream now. I remember the days when the power was switched off and we used to wail. And when it returns we hailed. It was so cute!!! :)))
And princesses. They were the best. And silly beliefs. My friends mock me when I tell then that I believe in wish hairs. Oh, please another one, please, please!!!
I'm gonna miss school when I leave. Okay, there are still four years to go, bit still... Reading your comment made me realize what is childhood, hadia. Thank you so much.
I still hail when a teacher is on leave. I still dance in the rain. And I still sleep with a teddy... :)))
But for how long I don't know. But it's gonna be a treasure holding back those memories. So sweet... :(((( :))))!!!! Laughing and crying at the same time!

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catastrophe 20 June, 2017 - 11:49

I love being a child. It's so great and peaceful. It doesn't matter that I've lost most of my childhood, I still have a lot to enjoy. So that's are the things I'll miss when I grow up:
1. Cartoons. Yeah, definitely I'm gonna miss them. Pokemon, Beyblade, Tom and Jerry, oh... They were my childhood. I still rush back from school to watch those Beyblade episodes.
2. Homework. Yeah, I know, it's dumb, but I'm gonna miss them a lot. I like the way I get annoyed at the pile of book beside me and kick my sofa! :)))
3. My friends. I don't know how much I've got attached to them. Just two months of holidays were enough to make me realise their worth. Mocking teachers, gossiping, arguing, ahh...
4. Hobbies. I'm never going to have time to draw, write or dance like these few years. Well, if I take them as a profession, hmm...
5. Craziness. I'll miss the childhood craziness. Looking at Ash leap up with to every badge he collected makes me think how much I've lost that craziness I used to be unaware of. I'm just trying to retrieve it back. Oh, help me, please...
6. Okay, last but not the least, commenting on this website. The last I'll last on this website will tell me I'm a fully grown adult. No more a child. Oh, geez. Who knows when's that day to come?
I kinda wish I was Peter Pan. Never growing up. But geez, it's a fantasy, and it can't be true. I'm glad I'm still young, and I have ample time to enjoy my childhood. Cheers, childhood!!! :)))))

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JoEditor 20 June, 2017 - 14:43

Hi catastrophe,
Just to say, don't worry about number 6 - when you turn 18 you can move to our website for adults and comment there. Look at the top-right hand corner of the site and click on LearnEnglish to get there. They'll welcome you! 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 


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