Have you ever heard of gender tax or pink tax? It's when a product for women costs more than the same product for men. Sophia, one of our YouTubers, explains how it works!   


What do you think about gender tax? Can you think of any more examples of products that cost more if they're aimed at women? 


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Kostantinus 2 April, 2021 - 08:56

I noticed the fact that products for women and children cost more than men's products. I just didn't know how it called. Yes, it's quite strange for me. Why small kid's T-shirt costs the same or even more than T-shirt for an adult. But it's a fact. That's why rasing children isn't cheap. I am going to work hard to get good education and get good job for to be able to care about my future family. Because I am a man.

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Jeana 17 April, 2019 - 12:46

Taking more money just beacuse you are a girl and less when you are boy is so unfair.Because when a person makes anything for others,like if a farmer cultivates rice then everyone has the right to eat that.There isn't any differentiating in this.That's why gender tax should be stopped.
In the supermarket price is written in the shelves so it is hard to take more money in there.But in other places you can't stop it.If they tricked you,you wouldn't be able to know.
For example:One day me and my mom went to buy some plants.So before us a man was buying a plant.And when we were buying the same plant,the shopkeeper told us it was 110/- .Then I asked the man who bought the same plant who was checking his phone that how much he paid for that plant.He replied 80/-.The rest of the part is a long history.
Not only this but also if you go to buy vegetables,the shopkeepers will increase the prices if you are a woman.I think it's just because of woman seems to have a kind heart ❤️ or they do not argue over the price much.So shopkeepers take that advantage.

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