Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises, transcripts and worksheets to help you understand.

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Tom Daley is a champion diver. He's also one of the ambassadors for the Commonwealth Games that are taking place from July 23rd to August 3rd. In this video Tom explores the host city of Glasgow. 


Will Reid is a normal dad with teenage kids. He found his kids weren't listening to him when he asked them to do a few simple jobs around the house so he started to make instructional videos to help them and they have been very successful on YouTube. 

We have our own YouTubers! They talk about everything and anything and we add subtitles and transcripts to help you improve your English as you watch. Post a comment to join in the discussion. 

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Join Sophia as she shows you how to make your own hair mask using ingredients you can find in your cupboards at home! 


Asha shares ten things that always make her smile, no matter what! What makes you smile?

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

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How many words can you Sushi Spell in two minutes? Take the sushi from the moving belt to spell as many words as you can. 


Are you a football fan? Try this game to see how many football words you know in English. Can you beat the goalkeeper? Good luck!

Write captions for the funny photos.

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This week's photo features a very special granny. Can you write a caption for this photo?


Wow! Look who's driving! Can you write a caption for this photo?

Guess what the photos are and write your answers below. 

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Can you guess what this is? 


This is a difficult one. Can you guess what it is? 

Read stories and articles for your level of English.

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What's it like being a skater in LA? We talk to two teenage skateboarding fans.


From ordinary student to YouTube star. How did Charlie McDonnell do it?

Listen to our audio fiction series, The Survivor. The audio is at three different levels so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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A plane crash … there is only one survivor. Who is she? This is the first episode of The Survivor.


Two months before the plane crash .... episode two of The Survivor starts in the FBI Bank Robbery Department.

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