Watch YouTube videos and improve your English at the same time. There are exercises, transcripts and worksheets to help you understand.

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picture of Steven Hall

Steven Hall is 53 years old. He can do something amazing. Can you guess what it is? Watch and find out!


A Plastic Ocean is a new documentary that looks at the problems that are caused when plastic waste goes into the sea. Watch the trailer and find out more about how plastic can be dangerous to sea animals and human health. 

We have our own YouTubers! They talk about everything and anything and we add subtitles and transcripts to help you improve your English as you watch. Post a comment to join in the discussion. 

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Asha's learning Spanish and in this video she shares six tips on how to make learning a language fun.


Join Sophia as she shows you how to make your own hair mask using ingredients you can find in your cupboards at home! 

Play games, have fun and improve your English vocabulary at the same time.

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Word Wangling is a collection of fun word games to help you look for patterns, shapes and relationships between letters and words.


Think of a number with two digits. For example, 43. Follow the Magic Gopher's instructions and he will amaze you by telling you what number you chose.

Write captions for the funny photos.

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Can you write a caption for this photo? 


Write a funny caption for this week's photo of a young mathematician.

Guess what the photos are and write your answers below. 

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Can you guess what this is?


Have a guess! What do you think this is?

Read stories and articles for your level of English.

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Wonder is a book about an ordinary boy called Auggie who looks very different from most boys his age. 


On her usual walk in the forest, Grace meets an unusual boy.

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