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Section Titlesort descending Link Language level Learner Audience Topics
1 Video zone #WorldEmojiDay anthem emoticons and emoji, text message, internet
2 Video zone 11 things you never knew about elephants animals, elephants, nature
3 Film UK 15-year-old quizzes George Clooney films, entertainment, celebrities
4 Science UK 3D movie tool science & technology, films, photography, research
5 Science UK 3D security science & technology, research
6 Elementary A2 reading 7 tips for a tidy desk reading skills, study skills, homework, school
7 Intermediate B1 writing A blog blogging, theme parks, writing skills
8 Upper intermediate B2 writing A blog – The X Games blogging, extreme sports, writing, writing skills
9 Video zone A brief history of writing history, written communication
10 Elementary A2 writing A chat text message, written communication, writing skills
11 Advanced C1 writing A cover letter letter, applying for a job, volunteering, writing skills
12 Intermediate B1 writing A CV jobs, summer job, CV, writing skills
13 YouTubers A day around London London, blogging, travel, cities
14 Video zone A day in the digital life of a teenager digital footprint, internet, interpersonal communication, information technology
15 Video zone A day in the life of a 10-year-old in Roman Britain history, Romans, animation
16 Video zone A Double Dutch brain game Science, sport
17 YouTubers A flying visit home to the UK Christmas, Britain & UK, family, UK culture
18 Intermediate B1 writing A for and against essay reality TV, the media, writing skills
19 Advanced C1 writing A for and against essay about online communication essay, writing skills, communication, interpersonal communication
20 Upper intermediate B2 writing A for and against essay about the internet writing skills, written communication, internet, essay
21 Intermediate B1 speaking A friend in need speaking skills, advice, Friendship
22 Beginner A1 listening A good night's sleep listening skills, sleep, study tips, health
23 YouTubers A history of voting – from Ancient Greece to The X Factor book review, voting, history, elections
24 Intermediate B1 writing A letter to a friend letter, school, writing skills
25 Beginner A1 reading A lost dog pets, reading skills