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Section & Title Link Safe link Language level Learner Audience Topics
1 YouTubers
Ten reasons to smile feelings, happiness, blogging
2 What is it?
What is it? 085
3 Photo captions
Photo caption 090
4 YouTubers
DIY hair mask Beauty, video, blogging
5 YouTubers
International Women's Day challenge International Women's Day, gender equality, special events, women
6 YouTubers
What is gender tax? International Women's Day, gender equality, money, shopping
7 YouTubers
Disney ... not just for kids films, blogging, cinema, children & childhood
8 YouTubers
A day around London London, blogging, travel, cities
9 YouTubers
Are you tech addicted? technology, mobile phones, blogging, science & technology
10 Speaking exams
Speaking tips
11 Video zone
Girl Up leadership summit highlights International Women's Day, women's rights, women, conferences
12 Video zone
One day I will ... in Lagos International Women's Day, women, dreams, the future
13 Read UK
Nowruz Nowruz, annual festivals, new year, festivals & celebrations
14 Video zone
11 things you never knew about elephants animals, elephants, nature
15 What is it?
What is it? 084
16 Video zone
Your image – your future online safety, digital literacy, digital footprint, internet
17 Video zone
Regan the vegan veganism, vegetables, vegetarianism, humour
18 Photo captions
Photo caption 089 technology
19 Video zone
Amazing Minecraft city Minecraft, computer games, Video games
20 Photo captions
Photo caption 088 pets, animals
21 Photo captions
Photo caption 087
22 What is it?
What is it? 083
23 Video zone
DIY Christmas decorations food, Christmas
24 Video zone
The Christmas gift experiment Christmas, annual festivals, festivals & celebrations, gifts
25 Photo captions
Photo caption 086 mobile devices, mobile phones, technology, written communication