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Section & Title Link Safe link Language level Learner Audience Topics
1 Graded reading
Life as a YouTuber – level 3 the internet, YouTubers, vloggers, social media
2 Graded reading
Life as a YouTuber – level 2 the internet, YouTubers, social media, vloggers
3 Graded reading
Life as a YouTuber – level 1 the internet, social media, YouTubers, vloggers
4 What is it?
What is it? 088
5 Video zone
Sustainable development goals development, environment, the future
6 Video zone
Zombae: a tiny film by Sabrina Cruz zombies, comedy, films
7 YouTubers
British vs American accent challenge pronunciation, English
8 Photo captions
Photo caption 095 Halloween
9 Photo captions
Photo caption 094
10 Video zone
How to wash your hair in space daily routine, space
11 YouTubers
A taste of Berlin Berlin, travel, art & design
12 Video zone
Status of mind social media, health
13 Video zone
Dog understands 1,022 words animals, vocabulary
14 Video zone
Doctor Who – series 10 trailer science fiction, television
15 YouTubers
Tongue twister challenge tongue twisters, pronunciation, words, speaking skills
16 YouTubers
The pros and cons of summer jobs work, jobs, summer, student life
17 Graded reading
The only thing to fear is ... – level 3 fiction, horror, reading, sharks
18 Graded reading
The only thing to fear is ... – level 1 reading, sharks, horror, fiction
19 Graded reading
The only thing to fear is ... – level 2 reading, fiction, sharks, horror
20 Video zone
Five social media musts for teens social media, internet, advice
21 YouTubers
Cutting down on waste environment, recycling, lifestyles, climate change
22 Read UK
Esports Video games, computer games, sports, competition
23 Video zone
I've experienced bullying bullying, school
24 YouTubers
Five things you mustn't do in Britain Britain & UK, UK culture, vlogs, travel
25 YouTubers
Why it's important to travel travel, living abroad, cultural differences, around the world