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Section & Title Link Safe link Language level Learner Audience Topics
1 YouTubers
Why it's important to travel travel, living abroad, cultural differences, around the world
2 Video zone
This girl can women, International Women's Day
3 YouTubers
Tattoos and piercings tattoos, piercings, fashion, culture
4 YouTubers
Three tips for learning a language language learning, learning English, languages
5 Photo captions
Photo caption 093 weather
6 Video zone
#WorldEmojiDay anthem emoticons and emoji, text message, internet
7 What is it?
What is it? 087
8 Video zone
Schoolboys attend class in skirts during heatwave clothes, school, rules, gender
9 Read UK
Emojis emojis, technology, communication, social media
10 YouTubers
Things I miss now I'm grown up vlogs, children & childhood, student life
11 Video zone
Wizarding world of Harry Potter Harry Potter, films, books & literature, fiction
12 Writing skills practice
An invitation letter letter, invitation, Scotland, writing skills
13 Graded listening
The Survivor episode 6: Caught – level B1
14 Graded listening
The Survivor episode 5: You're awake – level B1 drama, listening, mystery, fiction
15 Graded listening
The Survivor episode 4: Run – level B1 drama, listening, mystery, fiction
16 Graded listening
The Survivor episode 3: A coincidence – level B1 drama, listening, mystery, fiction
17 YouTubers
My Ramadan experience Ramadan, annual events, vlogs, daily routine
18 Writing skills practice
An essay about leisure time and academic pressure writing skills, school, exams, freetime
19 Writing skills practice
Describing a graph of trends over time writing skills, technology, internet, graph
20 Writing skills practice
Describing bar charts about reading habits writing skills, bar chart, reading
21 Listening skills practice
Sleeping for exam success sleep, exams, studying, listening skills
22 Photo captions
Photo caption 092
23 YouTubers
Six English idioms you should know language learning, idioms, vlogs, English
24 YouTubers
A history of voting – from Ancient Greece to The X Factor book review, voting, history, elections
25 Video zone
Eddsworld – Climate Change climate change, environment, animation