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Section & Title Link Safe link Language level Learner Audience Topics
1 Video zone
Can and will: Gwyn Haslock surfing, water sports, beaches
2 Writing skills practice
An opinion essay about fast food food, essay, writing skills
3 YouTubers
Six fun ways to learn a language language learning, advice, learning English
4 Reading skills practice
Two remarkable people achievements, environment, women's rights, reading skills
5 Listening skills practice
War's silver lining war, healthcare & medicine, World War I, listening skills
6 Video zone
What is Ramadan? Ramadan, festivals & celebrations
7 YouTubers
Chocolate bites recipe recipes, cooking, chocolate, food
8 Reading skills practice
Super-recognisers crime, reading skills, police work, jobs
9 Listening skills practice
Man or beast? nature, animals, books & literature, listening skills
10 Listening skills practice
The fear factor fear, theme parks, fears & phobias, listening
11 Reading skills practice
How to be happy reading skills, happiness, psychology
12 Reading skills practice
Do you have the right mindset? growth mindset, study skills, psychology, reading skills
13 What is it?
What is it? 086
14 Photo captions
Photo caption 091
15 YouTubers
What's on your bucket list?
16 Listening skills practice
Help others, help yourself volunteering, sport, charity work, listening skills
17 Video zone
Five ways to spot fake news the media, digital literacy, information, life skills
18 YouTubers
Hot and cold climate living abroad, climate, weather, blogging
19 Writing skills practice
An informal email or letter writing skills, advice
20 Writing skills practice
A web tool review writing skills, website review, technology, study skills
21 Writing skills practice
A for and against essay about online communication essay, writing skills, communication, interpersonal communication
22 Writing skills practice
A cover letter letter, applying for a job, volunteering, writing skills
23 Writing skills practice
A report on a school trip abroad writing skills, report, language learning
24 Reading skills practice
Are we losing the art of conversation? communication, technology, social media, conversation
25 Reading skills practice
What do you know about spiders? spiders, nature, animals