Read texts with a UK focus. Learn about UK culture and practise your reading at the same time.

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Big dresses, huge cars, smart suits and lots of fun ... What exactly is a school prom and how is it taking over from the school disco?


Do people have lots of holidays where you live? Where do they go and what do they do? Read more to find out about holidays in the UK!

Watch videos with a UK focus. Learn about UK culture and practise your listening at the same time.

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picture of a bonfire

Every November people in Britain go out and celebrate Bonfire Night. What is it? Watch the video and find out all about it!


UK boarding schools are not just about academic achievement. Young people studying in the UK talk about the sports they love.

In this section you can watch animated videos of five of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. You can also read short stories and poems written by British authors.

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What will happen when David tries out Boffin’s lie detector at school? Sometimes, the truth can be a little too close for comfort.


Are you a football fan? David Rooney, the main character in this story, is crazy about football. One day he discovers that the old man who is his next door neighbour has an interesting past.

Watch short films created by young people in the UK and practise your listening at the same time.

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In this short film people share their experiences of bullying. Listen to their stories and discover why they think some people bully and how bullying has changed their lives.


This award-winning short film gives us a window into the world of Kenneth Mitchell. The film was written by Kenneth's brother, Nicholas, and has been shown at international film festivals.  

Read articles adapted from the British Council's science magazine, Cubed. Learn about the world of science and research in the UK and practise your English at the same time.

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Children in Malawi have been making fantastic progress using a new maths app. This could be very positive for the future of one of the world’s poorest countries.


Have you ever used your smartphone to find out what the weather's going to be like? Now there's an app that will get information about the weather all over the world, in real time, so the forecast may never be wrong again! 

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