‘The box’ is another way of saying ‘television’ or ‘TV’. In this short film, the TV is the main focus, in more ways than one! Watch it to find out more.

This film was created by Into Film, an organisation that uses film and media production to develop skills in young people in the UK. To watch more great films, have a look at their website: http://www.intofilm.org/


How important is the television in your house? How many hours a week do you watch the box? 

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JuliaP's picture
JuliaP 24 June, 2014 - 20:03

I have TV at home. Moreover I have 2 TVs. But I don't even turn them on! I'm not keen on it-whatching TV is boring for me, I think it's wasting time!

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Ganesdita's picture
Ganesdita 4 June, 2014 - 17:13

my family couldn't bear living without television. they watch the box all day, so do my little sister and my little brother. But, I just watch television two times a month. that's because I live in boarding home which doesn't have entertainment facilities like television. Sometimes it's really boring but I think it gives me the good impact so that I can more focus on studying.

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