One day at Sawston College a dangerous virus breaks out and students and teachers at the school turn into zombies. However, one student, Geoff, has five tips for surviving at zombie school.


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Have you ever seen a zombie film? What do you know about zombies?


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long5blvt20 3 June, 2015 - 03:39

I did too! There a two men found a car with a lots of guns. And they went to the town. One man want to find a strip cake! And one man just want to get out of Zombies land! There are not many people had been survivors, and they go to help them to kill all the zombies

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Silvermist 9 November, 2014 - 15:42

I've not seen much Zombie films. A film which has decent zombies than these scary ones in the above video is in Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters. Besides I don't Like Zombies. From what I have heard from Myth-books they ARE awfully horrid although they are Hades's soldiers..

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ChocolateFlake26 5 November, 2014 - 13:48

Yes i've seen many zombie films, the last one I saw was War Z I thought it was a great film. I liked this film as well I thought it was very funny and I liked the idea! I think zombies aren't real but if they were I wouldn't be afraid of them.

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minecraftgamer 3 November, 2014 - 14:58

I had never seen a zombie film, but I usually play video games were you kill zombies, one easy way to protect you from a zombie apocalipse is to find a place where zombies can not go.

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