Scotland is at war, and the hero of the battle is Macbeth. This is the story of Macbeth's rise to power, and the terrible consequences of his ambition.


Ssssshhh! Did you know that some actors won’t even say the name of this play? Superstition says that the play is cursed, and just saying the word ‘Macbeth’ inside a theatre will cause disaster!

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What went wrong for Macbeth? Is there a moment in the story when he could have done things better and avoided tragedy?


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Sopa 14 November, 2016 - 08:33

This was all caused by the power of ambition. If lady Macbeth didn't get ambitious then everything would be normal and there would be no sacrifices made in the story. Also, king Duncan would still be alive and every one would have lived happily ever after.

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Ken 14 November, 2016 - 13:18

Actually I don't think the power of ambition caused the tragedy. I think Lady Macbeth just coudn't get into uncertainty and fear, which is common weakness of us human.
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najdabucan 24 October, 2016 - 13:59

Macbeth should not listened to his greedy wife and killed Duncan and his friends. That was the biggest mistake he did and it was cause of his death. Greed can not bring something good to you, it can only be bad thing that can destroy you.

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Shimmer 13 July, 2016 - 16:14

I think he should have not listened to Lady Macbeth. If he also had been firm with her then the whole tragedy could have been avoided.

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rose_protected 2 July, 2016 - 17:44

I think the moment when things were bad to Macbeth was when he listened to the witches; it's probably that what they said would become true soon or later and he would have became king but under other circumstances. Because he and her wife paid attention to what the witches said they killed the king only for greed.

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icecream1337 20 May, 2016 - 11:53

I believe that the moment where it all went wrong, was when they decided to kill the king. The witches predicted what would happen, which probably meant that it would happen. Then he got scared and murdered all his friends in fear. They got to gready and it punished them instead.

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alessanselmi 28 April, 2016 - 16:18

Macbeth mustn't listen the witches,probably if he followed his insticts, a lot of murders would avoided.
His wife was attached to the money and to the power, Macbeth must wait, if he work a lot, he would become king without killings.

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IWOUTO1337 10 April, 2016 - 11:17

I think the point when all went wrong was when Macbeth's wife decided to plan the murder of the king. The three withes predictions had shown to be correct for the first time when he got promoted. Why wouldn't they be correct for the second time? Later in the story the witches also predict that Macbeth will die when the forrest moves to his castle, which also turns out to be true. If he just would have listened to the witches and not let his wife intervene I believe Macbeth would've turned out a king anyway.

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yenthan 10 April, 2016 - 10:18

Macbeth went wrong, that comes from a part of the witches' predictions became true, Macbeth is promoted, then he has done his wife's plan is killing King Ducan- the best wrong . To hide his and his wife strong wrong, he decided to kill guards. After that he worried about his friends could took out his position so he hired murderers kill his friends and his family...
I think that Macbeth should have not killed King Ducan because of his wife's plan to come into his ambition, Everything is better and has not consequences!

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Pencilandpaper 3 April, 2016 - 20:49

I think he definitely could have trusted the witches prediction and not take matters in his own hands. Their predicitons were correct for a start. So why would it not be a second (third) time?

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Elsa007 4 April, 2016 - 15:37

Yes, you're right as long as things turned out.....
Eventually, Macbeth didn't really believe the witches and believed her wife.
His choice made his destiny..., he seems to be a man with no belief, though!?⭐️

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00sil02 15 March, 2016 - 19:41

I think that the biggest mistake was to kill the king. When he did that he made a lot of enemies, that later killed him. It he wouldn't have killed the king the story would've been very different.

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goppis1337 13 March, 2016 - 21:43

I think all was fine until he started to get greedy and killed the king. He should've settled with the promotion and the land. He would probably have become king when the current king died.

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STS_Wyvern 13 March, 2016 - 20:41

There is one simple thing he could've done. Don't kill the freaking king! It will NOT help you! Simple as that. Just don't kill the king. By doing so he created more enemies than he could handle and things got out of hand. He also grew paranoid as ****. Don't kill the king.

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TovaBerntsson 13 March, 2016 - 19:34

I Think it was a great story. I Think that the first misstake Macbeth did was killing the king, he really shouldn´t have done that. I also Think that he Went to far by killing his friends, that´s just sick if you ask me

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GustafBen 13 March, 2016 - 18:47

He should have settled for the promotion and kept his wife out of what the witches for told. When you get too greedy you often lose all that you have won.

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Dade 13 March, 2016 - 19:46

He and his wife shouldn't have murdered the king since they would still be wealthy and powerful and would avoid to get blood on their hands this way. He got too greedy and instead of settling for what he had at the moment, he couldn't wait for more power.

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FeddiH 13 March, 2016 - 18:28

The thing that went wrong for Macbeth was that he murdered the king. This only created more problems which led to even more problems. He should've instead avoided killing king Duncan and waited for his time to come.

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Alvv 13 March, 2016 - 18:25

I believe that it all went wrong when his wife decided that they should murder the king. If that hadn't happened he might have become king for another reason.

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Daffodil4 13 March, 2016 - 16:31

It all went wrong when Macbeth started to wonder if the witches were right about the promotion and when his wife planned to kill the king of Scotland so Macbeth could become king. He should have ignored what the witches and his wife said, because it made him do awful things, as killing his former friends, to be the king.

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daisybuchanan 13 March, 2016 - 15:26

What went wrong for Macbeth was probably that he became so desperate for power, that he killed a man. If he instead had tried to gain influence among the people, and thereby power as well, he wouldn't have had them turn on him.
But then again, it wasn't his plan to murder Duncan, it was Lady Macbeth's plan, so maybe the problem was that she, and not Macbeth, was desperate for power.

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Dugg 13 March, 2016 - 14:46

If he wouldn’t have listened to his wife the first murder could have been avoided but then he wouldn’t be king. I believe that the part where he starts killing his friend’s, because of the fear to lose all his power the were it all goes down hill for Macbeth. Macbeth got to paranoid and in the end its his own fault because its not only English men attacking but also enemies of Macbeth, if he had acted in a different way to people maybe he wouldn’t have got so many enemies and could have staid alive.

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agnesn 13 March, 2016 - 14:37

Many things went wrong for Macbeth, but to avoid tragedy he shouldn't have killed the king. He and his wife got too obsessed with power, which sadly led them both to their death. If he ignored the witches, he would've been known as a war hero, and the king would probably have died eventually.

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Paula2205 13 March, 2016 - 12:32

I believe MacBeth got way too greedy for power by letting lady MacBeth convince him to murder the king. Maybe he still would have became king if he hadn't murdered the present one? Then the greed for power went on and on, filling him and lady MacBeth with pain and regret. If they were to have been kinder from the start they wouldn't have ended up dead.

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matildae 12 March, 2016 - 14:08

If I were to point out a certain moment when it went wrong for Macbeth, it must be when he decided that he was willing to kill someone else in order to gain power. Perhaps if he'd waited the king could've died without his help, and if so, Macbeth still would have become king, but without having to use violence.

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Aaaa 12 March, 2016 - 12:43

Obviously he wouldn't have died if he hadn't killed the kind in the first place, because then he wouldn't have been able to become the king. If he hadn't killed his friend or simply decided not to take the throne then I don't think that the last prophecy would have been fulfilled either.

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TheVolumebar 11 March, 2016 - 16:54

Macbeth believed that what will happen will happen, and that fate decides everything. He didn't realize that what ever you do will eventually lead to the decided fate, and thought that things just happen. They don't, and had he realized that something had to be done about the man being king, like his wife, he might have stopped himself. He also failed to ask the witches what more would come from his Life, if becoming king would affect him badly.

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LallareN 10 March, 2016 - 17:26

The moment where he got to greedy for his own good and along with his wife decided to kill king Duncan. If he had waited a little bit longer he could have saved his and other peoples lives.

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Ameno 10 March, 2016 - 17:26

The thing that went wrong for Mcbeth was that he wanted power really badly. He shouldn't have listened to his wife when she said that they should kill the king. If he hadn't killed the king or anyone else this wouldn't have happened and he could live his life without regrets.

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