In a beautiful Italian town, love is in the air. But the path of true love is never easy, especially when other people try to cause problems.

This comedy was first written in 1598, and since then it has been a favourite for theatres, television and the cinema.


What's your opinion of Hero and Claudio's relationship? Do you think they will have a happy marriage?


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poppymoore 8 January, 2016 - 05:49

I think Claudio should have been more trusting . He should not have publicly led down hero without discussing it with her, but Hero loved him truly and forgave him which proves that she believed that Claudio would never hurt her intentionaly. So, I think that if Claudio would not make the mistake of doubting Hero they can have a very happy married life.

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Ken 13 January, 2016 - 10:53

You're right, poppymore.
You know what, our life is full of contradictions!
People tend to make fun of an honest man like Claudio, who is such a good guy to be deceived easily but to achieve his love and dream. So I don't want to blame his innocense...
Anyway, happy ending!

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Silvermist 3 January, 2016 - 05:33

"All's well that ends well." Famous quote of Much ado about nothing. Yet about this end that ends well, there is one tiny detail that i have given my attention to. Even if Claudio had been trick if they really were in love wouldn't the faith in one another led to have the whole situation avoided? Else Claudio could have discussed with Hero.
As controversial might it be and the fact that I could be controversial about the ending, frankly, the happy ending is obvious. Because I view it in a way that in the end Claudio realizes the purity of Hero and feels guilty in not believing in her and also as Hero forgives Claudio, their relationship, the bond between man and wife is stronger than ever.

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