Camden Fashion

Camden Fashion


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Camden Town is a great place to shop if you like clothes that are a bit unusual. You'll see some very strange clothes in this video and you'll also find out what a Cyber-Goth is!

This video is part of our Word on the Street series. Word on the Street is an exciting new English Language teaching programme co-produced by the BBC and the British Council.

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Do you like to wear the same type of clothes as your friends or do you try to look a bit different?


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It depends. There are some clother that I like borrowing from my friends. We share trousers and t-shirts, but we have differents styles: we combine the same clothes in a different way.

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i like to be sheek and beutiful always!!! no mater my friends do the same or not but my friends are always sheek and beutiful

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I don't like to look like my friends. I like them to follow my style;). It means that I have a sense of fashion.
Individuality is the most important. You can wear the latest trends, but if you don't have any style and don't know how to wear it, you'll look just like one pattern more in the crowd. So, we shouldn't stream to look like others; we can take some advices, but to create our style by ourselves.

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I try to be an individual.
Every day I try to be different)But this only applies to clothing style.I remain the same at heart)
One day I can walk in a romantic dress and the other to go out in a tracksuit.I think it's normal for modern girls)))))
I think that you should just take care of yourself.
But if a person wants to radically change his appearance and lifestyle.This is his personal opinion and his right to do so)These people just want to stand out from the other.So I am not in right to judge them or praise)

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