The Classic British Car

The Classic British Car



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Are you interested in cars? In this video Carmen visits the National Motor Museum and finds out about classic British cars.

This video is part of our Word on the Street series. Word on the Street is an exciting new English Language teaching programme co-produced by the BBC and the British Council.

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Do you have a favourite make of car? How old do you have to be to take your driving test in your country? Are you keen to learn how to drive?


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Do you have a favourite make of car? How old do you have to be to take your driving test in your country? Are you keen to learn how to drive?
No , I'm not very keen on cars . In Egypt we must be over 18 to take the driving test . I'm not keen to learn how to drive , I'm a big coward of cars accidents !

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Hey, EclairCat
Would you like to be a professional driver, like Michael Schumacher? I think that sport car are really amazing, they increase the level of adrenalin in our blood.

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WOW do you know i'm the greatest racer in race games?

=D i love sports cars
my favorite car is the jaguard XJ200
i'm still waiting for be 18 years and get my license D=

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You must be 18 to get your license but at 16 you can get a permission and I´m not keen about getting my license there is a lot of traffic in my Country.You can spend two hours in the traffic for a short distance.

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I like old timers; it's so romantic to drive a pink old timer, in the style of 50's. I'd like to have one. When I lived in Paris, my parents bought an old timer and I enjoyed drivings in that car. People in Paris like old timers, and romantic things, at least, they used to. My parents sold the car many years ago, but I still have pictures. Now we have the new car, but I miss that old timer. In Serbia you can take driving test at 16, but you can drive only if someone elder is next to you, someone who's 18+. I'd like to drive, why not?

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It is easy to say that you'd better buy a Tesla or an Evie if you are concerned about nature, pollution and fumes. Presently, electric cars are so expensive that an average owner should drive 15-20 years to get his money back. You can start saving money if you want to buy a Tesla before you retire.

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I love the old cars !!!!
I like much Aston Martin cars and Corvette Stingray cars, like my brother-in-law.
Thank you for his video !!!

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It's a very interesting video, I enjoyed watching it. I spend a lot of time with my cousin and he just knows everything about cars so I really loved this video, thank you very much....

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