How much do you know about Britain's history? Watch this video to see how Britain's industrial past is being used for a newer industry: tourism.


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Tell us about a historic place in your country.


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Martin159 2 August, 2016 - 03:13

I am from Colombia and i think than the saint Felipe´s castle in Cartagena is good historical place to talk about. I just know it is a castle built by spaniards to defense the coast from pirates.

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tatgiechoucroutedu07 1 June, 2016 - 10:54

Annonay is a small town near Lyon, of about 17 000 inhabitants.
Annonay Theater was first built during the twelfth century and was a covent in a neogothic style, later it burnt down, it was rebuilt in the eighteenth century . In 1883, the architect, Wlliam Guibert, changed it into a real italian kind of theater. It contained 10000 places.
Annonay Theater, is still located in « place des Cordeliers » and you can go there if you want to see theater performances or to attend concerts. It welcomes a lot of humorists and artists in general all over the year. Its also the venue of the first movie festival in February. We, students of Boissy d’Anglas, have the chance to go there several times a year, like in 2016, we went to see a modern version of Romeo and Juliet.
If you like architecture and theater, then it’s THE place to go in Annonay.

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sona 14 May, 2016 - 19:23

Albania has also many hictorical places,a part of which are included in UNESCO. Gjirokastra town is one of them,who is known for its cobbled streets ,buildings made of stone and its historical architecture. I wouldn't let without mentioned even the city of Kruja and its museum ,dedicated to our national hero Scanderbeg and its huge castle. These are some of hundreds histororical places in my country. I am very proud to be Albanian.

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MisterBoissy's picture
MisterBoissy 5 June, 2015 - 15:53

Hello everybody !
I'm going to talk about the beautiful "Chateau de Versailles" in English "Castle of Versailles". It's the best castle of our country, the most famous, it was the house of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. It was built in 1623 by Louis Le Veau and Robert de Cotte. In this Castle, there is the wonderful Hall of Mirrors, all shining even if it dates of a long time. It was at the same time a place of live and politics. Gardens are regonized for their geometry and for their size and they are open for everybody.

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joselachoucroute 5 June, 2015 - 15:49

Hello , today i want to present you a historic place in my town , in france . It's the national bus museum which explains you the evolution of the bus since 19th century to nowadays. In a warm atmosphere, a guided tour will trace the extraordinary industrial saga of Joseph Besset a bus creator. There is a video room will make you pleasently travel to the fabulous history of the car industry... To finish this extraordinary trip in time, you are welcome in another site to discover artisanal vehicles on 1000m2. This museum is located in Vanosc city in Ardèche.
The admission is free for children !
I wait you to this magic museum.
See you soon in Vanosc City.

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Sangria's picture
Sangria 5 June, 2015 - 15:37

I propose you to visit Lyon, more specifically "Parc de la tête d'Or". It's an urban park in France with approximatly 117 hectares.
It was created in 1857 and it's located in the 6th arrondissement. In this park there are a lot of vegetation and animals too. It is managed by the city of Lyon.
In the park you can do many activities like: riding a bike, walking, visiting the zoo, you can see movies and theater plays and exhibitions.
So there are a botanical garden, and a very beautiful landscape and of course a zoological park.
You can come to visit Lyon with its "Park of the Golden head"!
Have a nice week in France!!! ; )

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Frenchboissy0222 5 June, 2015 - 15:33

Hello everybody !
I would like to present you the Black Virgin of Vienne in France. It's a place that I really like for the tranquility. This beautiful statue represent the Virgin Mary and her son. Situated on the Pipet Mount, next to the church which is dedicated to the Virgin. It was placed in 1873. She saved the people of the Rhône's valley. People of the city of Vienne say that the Black Virgin protected the inhabitants during the plague in the XIV century. Today people still think that she protects the citizens.
Don't hesitate to come to Vienne to see it ! Enjoy your trip !

Two Boissy High School's students from France :)

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Tina - Coordinator's picture
Tina - Coordinator 6 June, 2015 - 06:27

Dear Frenchboissy0222,
Welcome to LearnEnglish Teens :)
You are both very welcome to use our site to practise your English - but it would be best if both of you create individual accounts. In our House rules we ask you not to share accounts. By the way, Vienne sounds wonderful!
Best wishes, Tina (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Firmin's picture
Firmin 5 June, 2015 - 15:31

Good morning
I wish to introduce to you the city were I live. Annonay is a little town located in the South France and in the North of Ardeche. In this town is born the hot air balloon by the Mongolfier brother ! Annonay is an old tannery town which was overflowing with wealth, to this epoch subsists a museum in the hearth of Annonay called "le musée du Parchemin et du Cuir". This museum presents the manner in which the leath is made. Annonay was the headquarters of the famous Canson factory, it is for this that today we can find some rest of this factory all around the town. Annonay is a really beautiful city where it is enjoyable to live !
Come and discover with your own eyes.
Jacky Nugget's

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frenchgirl 29 May, 2015 - 16:03

we are two french girls from a city next to Lyon. Our favorite place in Lyon is Fourvière. It's an historic church in Lyon. Fourvière is situate in a hill and the view is beautiful. We like Fourvière because of the golden virgin in basilica is awesome. It's built in 1872.
The stained glass are colourful and it make an enjoyable atmosphere. This place is still attended by catholic people and visited by many tourists. The style is neogothic.
The frenchgirls!

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Tina - Coordinator 31 May, 2015 - 07:05

Hi frenchgirl,
Welcome to LearnEnglish Teens. You are both very welcome to write comments to practise your English - but it would be best if you both create individual accounts. In our House rules we ask you not to share accounts. By the way, your writing is very good :)
Best wishes, Tina (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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jagalskarfotboll's picture
jagalskarfotboll 9 October, 2014 - 19:02

There are many historic places I my city which have been built by Viking and until now they are still strong and beautiful. Sweden is a county with good history and you can invited a lot of old things if you walk down town, you will feel like you steeped back in time to the 18 century. If you love castles there are many castles here beside the sea or deep in the county.

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NMemmedova's picture
NMemmedova 17 January, 2014 - 20:31

I live in Azerbaijani.GIRL TOWER in Azerbaijan..
this tower is beautiful.........I was see this tower

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SandraB's picture
SandraB 2 December, 2013 - 19:38

We have a lot of towers here that were built while Turkish people were ruling our town,also Spain,France,Germany...

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saba's picture
saba 3 September, 2013 - 18:56

hi jonothan how are you?why do you publish my comments so late or you don't publish them at all i mean there is nothing wrong with them i haven't broken the rules!
please publish them sooner!!!!!!

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Jonathan - Coor... 5 September, 2013 - 14:07

Hi saba. Thanks for all your comments recently. Some of our team have been on holiday so it may take a little longer than usual to publish everyone's comments. Checking each comment is part of this process and we sometimes edit comments. If you would like to ask us about a particular comment, you can do so by clicking on the 'Contact us' button at the bottom of the page. Best wishes,
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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ellen's picture
ellen 17 August, 2013 - 16:09

hello angelia.
I am from Azerbaijan too................
What about you my countryman?
How old are you?

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angelia's picture
angelia 17 August, 2013 - 12:27

hello. I live in Baku. In baku has many historical place.One of them is MAIDEN'S TOWER. This place built in the 12 century. . The height of this tower is 32 metres. This tower is very beautiful.

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Den2094's picture
Den2094 22 July, 2013 - 12:37

Hi!I live in Russia and there are a lot of historical places there. There are some historic places in every town.For example Kreml in Moscow, Kreml in Kazan. Now you can could see a lot of very old beautifil churches. Also in Krasnodar area you could see ancient buildings - dolmens.Dolmens are much more older then Egypt pyramides/

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veda005's picture
veda005 28 June, 2013 - 04:39

I'm from Armenia.Armenia has so many historic places that I do not know about which I shoul write there.
Garni was building in the 76 by king Trdat 1 Arshakuni;
Erevan -Erebuni the capital of Armenia was founded by Arta\es 1 ,Urartu's king,in 72BC.....

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ellen's picture
ellen 25 June, 2013 - 17:35

Hello Natalija, .
I prepare for my summer trip in Europe.
Then I will in my town and walk there.Natalija.
I can't write for you since 26 June till 15-16 July.
for the time being my friend
see you soon

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11x 25 June, 2013 - 10:26

and also Iran, it has many historical places, such as:
33pol (33 bridges), menar jonban (the minarets on the move: two minarets, that when you move one of them, the another one moves!), kakhe sadabad (sadabad palace), meidan ali qapou (ali qapou square), etc. they are very marvelous!

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saba's picture
saba 3 September, 2013 - 19:02

hi miso i'm also from iran yes iran has a lot of historical places but most of the cities in iran are very polluted and this pollution has coused a lot of damage to irans nature but iran has a lot of places worth seeing!

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ellen's picture
ellen 19 June, 2013 - 18:23

hello SARAH K
yes, In my country very often look Turkish film and serials.
yes, "GYMYSH" is my favorite film.

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SARAH K's picture
SARAH K 17 June, 2013 - 08:55

Hi ellen,
For the moment, turkish films are the most fave films in Albania. Everyone loves them. Kivanc Tatlitug became very popular i Albania with "GYMYSH"

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saba's picture
saba 31 August, 2013 - 14:10

hi sarah k in iran turkish seires and films are very popular 2
p.s i;m in love with kivanc tatlitug and meryem uzerli

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Negar1995's picture
Negar1995 1 September, 2013 - 06:41

yes. as Saba said kivance is very famous. i love him!!!!!!!...... but Meryem is......! i love selma ergec , hulit erqence , mehmet guncur and okan yalabik!! they are lovely :)!!

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