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It's the largest theatrical district in the world. Watch this video about London's Theatreland and enjoy the show!

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Do you like going to the theatre? Write and tell us about a show you have seen.


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Oh, I enjoy watching theatre shows!
It's such a pleasantry... I like going to theatres and I do as much as possible. I actually play in one theatre. Of course, it's not a professional acting, but I enjoy it and perhaps I'll act in professional shows one day;). The last show I watched was Dervis i smrt(Dervish and the death), it's about the political situation in Bosnia in 19th century, about Ahmet Nurudin(a dervish), who worries about his brother's arrest and the situation in the country. It's very interesting, and there's a book with the same name by Mesa Selimovic, one of the biggest Yugoslavian writers ever.

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