No matter how much you love your family, they can be annoying sometimes. Watch the video to see why Izzy is frustrated!

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Do you take after your mum or your dad? Do you have to look after a younger brother or sister? Do you get on well with your family? Tell us about them!


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akabane001 3 December, 2017 - 12:22

my family is normal not very special but i love them very much.
It makes me feel happy and not be alone that i want to spend more time with them by making these memories which i can not forget , forever.

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Diamanta 7 November, 2017 - 15:50

I take after my mom because she's great and so am I ! :P I don't have to look after my younger sister and brother. We get along great :)

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catastrophe 11 June, 2017 - 11:11

Who do I take after??? The hardest question ever. Geez, solving math homework was easier! You know, like when I look into the mirror, I feel like I have zero connection to my parents. And yet those bulky second aunts, who visit often, pull my cheek and say that I take after my mom/dad. Gross, that makes me so angry. But I have no probs with my family. I'm the only child, and the most pampered too! But they are annoying sometimes! Oh, like they are now!! ;)))

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15520528 22 June, 2017 - 16:32

Hey friend, don't so angry. Your parent brings up and takes care of you, you should be happy when you have both of parent, some kids are not like you.

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catastrophe 23 June, 2017 - 11:47

Yeah, I know, even my BFF lost her dad six years ago. It was a sad memory, she says. And I'm not angry with my parents. It's just that the question annoys me. But sometimes I do feel angry with my parents, but just temporarily. Temporary in case, just a couple of mins. That's all. I really love my parents. It's the truth. You can hate anyone but your family. :))))

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LukasMahrez 17 April, 2017 - 14:50

Is that sentence correct? "I look up to my parents, they are my heroes. When I grow up I want to take after them. I have been waiting they turn up here at my house and bring my dog along with them" thanks for helping :)

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JoEditor 17 April, 2017 - 19:47

Hi LukasMahrez,
The sentence you wrote is very good. The only part I would change is this part: I have been waiting they turn up here ... I would put: I have been waiting for them to turn up ... 
Best wishes, Jo (LearnEnglish Teens Team) 

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hadia 26 November, 2016 - 17:52

I have taken my features from both of my parents. Anybody, who has either seen my father or mother, can recognize me. Some even say me that I am a smaller version of my Mom.
My family consists of 6 members. My parents, my elder sis and bro, I and my younger bro. Everyone treats me like a kid and I ,too, act like one :D. I never had to look after my bro. Because my Elder siblings are so responsible and they do it for my younger bro and I. They look after us. :D

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baroonmlk 23 November, 2016 - 15:57

I take after my mum . I have a younger sister and to be honest , we don't get on well with each other , always discussing about nothing . and about my parents , I have been having problems with them lately, which I think is related to my age , or something ?!
but at least i have to say that i really love my family and that they are everything i have ♡♡♡

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GiangLe 23 September, 2016 - 22:49

I think I take after my dad. I have an older sister and I'm looked after by her:v
But I really want to have a younger sister because I like children,they are innocent and lovely
I get on quite well with my family, however, sometimes I still have conflicts with them, maybe about my study, my lifestyle, etc.Anyway, I love my family very much and they are the most important people in my life!

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jimm9x 31 January, 2016 - 13:10

A lot of people told that I took after my mom. And I'm a youngest member in my family, so all others love me. Sometimes it make me tired when all tell me how to be good, how to do things. But I love them all.

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Ken 15 January, 2016 - 14:22

Also, my bros and sis like singing (as well as talking and eating !), so my mum's or dad's car is often full of singing carpool karaoke during a long journey!

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Elsa007 29 December, 2015 - 11:38

Well…. people say I take after my dad's family. But some people say I take after my mum. All my families have their own unique personalities and often get into a tangle. But, superficially speaking, I think we're getting on well! ☆

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gianggiang 29 December, 2015 - 03:55

1) I take after my mother.
2) When my younger brother was small, I had to look after him and his noisy games wore me out.
3) I look up to Adam Khoo because he is a successful businessman and he has inspired many young people in my country.
4) Sometimes, I am told off by my mother for not obeying.
Are my sentences right ? :)

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KingWolf99 29 November, 2015 - 12:17

I've got an oltre brother and an older sister, but they live abroad. My father lives abroad too, so I only live with my mother. I often argue with her, but I love her and her knows it. I wouldn't ike a younger brother to look after: I nate children!! Sometimes I must look after my little cousin, but he wears me out. He's annoying.

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Ken 7 November, 2015 - 05:43

I think I'm getting well with my bros and sis..
Sometimes I think they are noisy and troublesome, but sometimes make me feel easy to talk about trivial things but eventually it can turn out to be arguments! We talk too bluntly within a family. What? Me!?
୧(๑ ⁼̴̀ᐜ⁼̴́๑)૭

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Mallvinochka 6 November, 2015 - 15:31

Hi! At first I would like to say that everybody says that I really take after my father. However, I don't think so. In my opinion we are much different! I don't have to look after my brother or sister, 'cause I'm an only child. Well, I live with my father and mother. We get on well! :) I love them!

P.S: thanks for this interesting video.

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jungyoungkun 18 July, 2015 - 02:16

hi.. there are four person in my family. anyway i don't know both look after and take after.

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iva10 14 June, 2015 - 14:31

I have a sister and a brother. My brother is always in the move and he spends five or six hours outside. On the other hand my sister is sometimes a little bosy.

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marinacka2812 30 April, 2015 - 13:43

All the people tell me I look after my mum and I must admit that our faces are very similar (if you compare me with my mum´s older photos), we also usuall react the same way. But here and there you could find the similarities between my father and my, for example we are both tall, wear glasses, have the same foot tastes and so on. But my sister and I are the most alike in our family because we are both mixed :)

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imanalien 24 February, 2015 - 14:32

I take after my parents a lot. I am sarcastic like dad and look like mom. Even though my parents are divorced and have other children, I really love my brothers and sisters. I have to look after 3 brothers and 2 sisters (not at the same time :D) and I do it, because I'm the oldest. Most of them aren't annoying yet (can't speak). Even though they can be annoying sometimes, I love them all because they're my family.

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ngocanh89 15 October, 2014 - 15:32

All everyone meet me say that i take after my mom. I just have one older brother so I don't have to look after him. But now I look after his's son, my nephew. I get on very well with them . But now I live away from my parents. I miss my parents my house so much.

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cklj 25 June, 2014 - 20:19

There are four members in my family: my parents, my sister and I. I take after my mum and my sister takes after my dad. They have the same skin tone, hair colour and they both have curly hair. I argue often with my sister, sometimes about clothes and sometimes because she's too lazy to do something so I must do it. But I'm younger so my parents always think she's guilty. I don't have a younger relative to look after although always I write essays and draw/paint drawings/paintings for my sister's English and Art class. I think it's basically the same. It annoys me when she's asking me to do something like that for her. She's really annoying, but I can't help myself (I love her sooo much) and I always do what she had asked for. I argue with my parents often too, but that's not my fault: I'm a teenager. My mum scolds me because I never clean my bedroom. Ups! :D

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