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Does your house have a garden?

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hermione123 12 April, 2021 - 07:31

I have a small garden. but, my grandparents who live in a smaller city have a pretty big front yard. my mom said that there used to be a small pond and the grass was always tidy, and they had some trees too. but now, the small pond is sort of neglected and the waterfall doesn't work anymore. the grass is also paved now, they also cut down some trees. i guess it's funny how some things change :)

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Kostantinus 6 January, 2021 - 09:15

Unfortunately we don't have a garder, because we live in an apartment. My grandma lived in the countryside so she had a beautiful garder with pear trees, cherry trees, strawberries, gooseberry bushes, red and black currant. She had two female goats which gave us fresh milk.

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paradise_2006 4 September, 2020 - 20:52

We used to have a big garden with two mango trees, a guava tree, some bushes and a lot of roses but we changed houses and all we got is a red guava tree now ;::::(

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SLMT 4 July, 2017 - 08:12

My old house has a big garden.It's really big enough for many plants.One of my mom's hobbies is planting and gardening.I also take moms.There're many trees and plants like mango,jackfruit,pineapple,pappaya,lime.Anthurium is my mom's favorite flower.There was handreds of anthurium plants in my garden.My mom and I planted vegetables like spinach and Chinese cabbay beside our house.There was a small stream in my garden which was made by watering plants in my garden.My childhood memory is so beautiful bcoz of my garden.I was so happy there.But I couldn't have that moment again. My family had to move to city in 2012.We can't afford a big house in the central city in my country.We have to live in a flat,an impossilbe place to grow plants.Now the only space my mom and I can plant is a balcony.We bought small plants don't need a wide space and indoor plants like cactus.My mom and I really really miss our old house and garden.We will never forget that beautiful moment created in our old garden.

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spiderman007 10 March, 2017 - 16:04

l live in a flat so l have no garden there. But there is a garden around my country house. There are flowers, tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers.I look after the seeds and l water them.

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fraenglishfra 17 February, 2017 - 14:59

I've a very small garden. I love growing plants (in particular cactus, because they don't need so much care, indeed I'm not so good in gardening).
I live in a big city, so having a garden is an unusual thing T-T

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Elsa007 17 February, 2017 - 14:36

Hello admins,
Can you help me?
I've learned that British people say "garden" and American people say "yard". And I thought "yard" was a small area for plants usually at the back of the house. Is my understanding correct?

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Jonathan - Coor... 18 February, 2017 - 14:18

Yes, exactly! Here are a few more details. In Britain, the word "yard" indicates a space which is probably concreted over. It might be used to store something (like tools or rubbish bins) or it might be used for some commercial activity (e.g. shipyard, lumberyard, junkyard) and it doesn't necessarily have any plants at all. And in the USA, a "garden" is a particular part of the yard which is used to grow vegetables or flowers.
Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

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Amelia23 11 February, 2017 - 07:35

I have a garden in front of my house. My grandma plant so many different tree like papaya, lemon, jackfruit, mango, banana, and local fruits

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Leaf 10 February, 2017 - 13:15

my house is very small, so we have not enough space to have a garden. I always hope that: I can save money to buy another bigger house.

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livia03 9 February, 2017 - 17:15

We have a small garden without a gate and without the lawn!!

We have a table and a barbecue for the summer...

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_Julie_ 1 February, 2017 - 05:45

I have 3 gardens in the different parts of my house. One of it is outside my house which consists of a beautiful lawn with flowers of different colours and a beetle nut tree. The second one is on the first floor where my grandparents live, it is mainly composed of flowers and creepers. The third one is on the 4th floor which consists of mainly all kinds of plants that require pots.

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VanessxRm 4 December, 2016 - 13:38

We don't have a garden, greenhouse, lawn and lawnmower. But my mom has a beautiful flowers and plants which growing up into the house.

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Peyton 1 December, 2016 - 16:58

No my house doesn't have a garden, It only have a some flowerpots, because I live in a second floor.

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dieuai 30 October, 2016 - 23:20

My house has a small garden.I always water in there so it grows better .I plant more trees and flowers so that my garden become colourful ,too.Morever,air is fresh that thanks to plants.
My writing skill is not well,so if it has mistakes,you can help to correct for me.
Thanks a lot!!! ^^

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