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Beauty and the Beast

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I LOVE Disney. I love how it appeals to audiences of all ages and how timeless it is. Did you know that Disney’s Snow White film was first released in 1937? It’s over 80 years old now and is still loved by audiences of all ages!

Beauty and the Beast first came out in 1991 and I’m so excited about the remake! I love the iconic image of the beautiful yellow dress, and I think the casting looks brilliant. Emma Watson will be lovely as Belle, because she is beautiful and a very good actress. I love Ian McKellen and think he will be great as the rather obsessive Cogsworth, in contrast to the flirtatious Lumière (Ewan McGregor), chasing after Plumette. And Emma Thompson as the motherly Mrs Potts will be hilarious!

The story itself isn’t exactly child-friendly: an evil Prince-turned-beast kidnaps a beautiful girl and holds her hostage until her father can pay a debt. Luckily, she falls in love with the beast and kisses him to save his life and lift the curse, but not before her scorned suitor, Gaston, who Belle refuses to marry, has tried to kill him. And then there's the fact that all the characters were once human too and have been turned into living objects for 100 years along with the Prince … There are so many versions of the story, both written books and films.

There’s something strangely amusing about the characters in Beauty and the Beast. The fact that they are all animated objects (a teapot, candlesticks and a clock) helps provide humour, and makes the story completely different from any other. To adults, it’s a tale about love and hope and good versus evil and it makes us aware that the Prince may look like a beast on the outside, but is kind and caring on the inside, reminding us of the idiom: never judge a book by its cover!

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Do you like Disney? Why does it appeal to audiences of all ages? Which is your favourite Disney film?


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ariina 10 June, 2017 - 12:39

I love Disney and I grew up with Disney's films...well I love all of them but i love Cinderella and Beauty and the beast and snow white and recently pirates of caribbean more... Disney is so successful because all over the world child or adults know them... in Iran every body saw at least 1 of their movies..

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Aliceinthewonderland 18 January, 2017 - 14:12

Yes for sure! I love Disney, no matter the films, Disneyland or the stories. The main reason why it appears to audience of all ages is because the story of Disney characters appeared since the past few decades. No matter how old you are, you must heard about Disney before.(These is my own opinion, don't judge it.)

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Ran 17 January, 2017 - 16:22

Yes, I love Disney very much <3 I have grown up with stories it told me. I like not only the film Snow White but also Cinderella. Especially the film Cinderella, Lily James is a good actress and she is so beautiful. The scenes, the songs are awesome : lavender's blue dily dily.. Now I'm looking forward to watching the film Beauty and the Beast. I wish March might come soon hahaha :)

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