Secondary Plus English course

Learn English and set yourself up for a bright future

Our Secondary Plus English course, developed by our team of English experts, will teach you the skills to build your confidence and help you reach your full potential.

Find your voice. Discover your place in the world.

You will have a rewarding English learning experience with a combination of:

  • lively speaking classes with a specialist teacher
  • interactive independent study set by your teacher to prepare you for the class – all in an easy-to-use digital learning environment.

Supported by your friends; guided by your teachers

During class, you will:

  • have lots of time to speak English and practise pronunciation with your teacher and classmates
  • develop your communication skills by working on projects in pairs and small teams
  • practise the skills you need for success in school exams and international universities.

Everyone learns in their own way, so you will complete the interactive independent study at your own pace, helping you to build your confidence to speak English.

One day you’re interviewing your fellow students. Another, you’re giving a presentation to the whole group. You’ll also learn about current topics and issues, and how they affect you and the world around you.

Develop life skills for a global world 

Our online English course helps you develop into an assertive, independent global citizen.

  • You will work on an exciting range of practical and challenging tasks that encourage self-expression and creative thinking.
  • By working with classmates on team tasks, you will build collaboration and leadership skills.

Be yourself and build confidence 

Our safe learning environment provides a space for you to be yourself. Everyone’s welcome – and everyone gets along. Because we’re all here for the same reason: to learn the skills we need for a brilliant future, and to have some fun at the same time.

Your future starts here

Making friends, studying and travelling – when you can speak English, you’re ready for anything.

Secondary Plus is available in British Council teaching centres and our partner schools in many major cities around the world.

How to find a course

Use the drop-down country/territory list below to find a teaching centre in a city near you.

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English courses near you