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Clowning around

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Rebecca Farnham-Shaw

It's almost time for the summer holidays to begin. The thought of sunshine everyday, no school or homework and traveling to different countries to enjoy the tourist sights or visit the beach are on everyone's minds. Unfortunately, a lot of people can't afford to fly all over the world for an amazing holiday adventure and a lot of teenagers find themselves stuck at home during the summer holidays. Yes, it is nice to watch TV or play on the computer all day if you don't have anything else to do but sometimes the long summer holidays are a chance to try something new, especially like a new skill or hobby.

If you don't have any plans this summer and want to learn something cool and fun to impress your friends then why don't you try a circus skill! I don't mean doing acrobatics on top of an elephant or jumping through a ring of fire but there are plenty of skills that are easy to learn with a bit of practice.

You could try hula hooping first as it's a fun way to keep fit and healthy. Once you've learned how to keep the hoop moving around your waist, you can try around your arms, legs and even neck! Or how about juggling. This is a skill that takes a little bit of practice regularly and once you master the basics there are loads of simple tricks that look impressive. Most beginners start with 3 soft balls, throwing and catching them so that one is always in the air and the others in your hands. After perfecting this skill you can add more balls, some people can juggle up to 10, or change to clubs.

Don't worry if you don't like the sound of these tricks as there are plenty more activities you can start learning like poi, diabolo or staff. Poi is basically a soft ball in a very long sock. The performer holds one of these socks in each hand and swings them to make patterns in front, above and behind themselves. Be careful though! It is common for learners to accidentally hit themselves in the face when learning this circus skill. Perhaps diabolo is more suited to you. This is looks like two plastic cones joined together at the tips placed on a piece of string held by the performer. You can spin, throw and catch the diabolo to show off some impressive but relatively simple tricks. Finally, you might like to have a dabble at staff. It looks like a very long baton which you can twirl and throw in the air.

All of these activities are exciting to try. Most of the equipment can be found in toy shops or specific websites on the internet but remember most cities will have a circus club where you can try out the different tricks and they even offer workshops to teach you the skills properly and safely. Once you find the skill for you I'm sure you'll be practicing all summer long, eager to impress your classmates when September comes around again.


Can you do any of the circus skills that Rebecca mentions? Would you like to try any of them?


chaunguyen_cn's picture
chaunguyen_cn 23 August, 2014 - 06:23

I like circus. but I can't do some trick. I'm very excited when I see the circus.I wanna study it.

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Oliii98's picture
Oliii98 3 November, 2013 - 14:00

Well... I was trying juggling, but it works for me only with 2 balls. I can't do any of other things, but they seem to be interesting. I don't have any school like that in my city :/

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alvhernandes1's picture
alvhernandes1 20 May, 2013 - 19:03

An article about some unusual but fun activities to try over those long and boring summer holidays.

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Natalija's picture
Natalija 20 March, 2013 - 15:34

Once I was in Canada with my family and we have visited the Cirque of soleil. It's one of the greatest cirques in the world and it was really amazing to see all that performances. I saw a girl hula hooping and she offered me to learn me. I said yes and started to hula hoop. It was really interesting and funny. I have a picture of that and I laugh at that picture every time I see it. There was about ten hula hoops.

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Beauty2705's picture
Beauty2705 3 March, 2013 - 14:45

I love circus tricks....some of the tricks are easy like hula hooping...but juggling is too hard for me.

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TeenGirlie's picture
TeenGirlie 10 February, 2013 - 08:41

I've treid juggling... but my record is only 2 balls xD
I love hula hooping though! But can't control too many hoops ^^

Gymnastics is the best of these all, as for me! As it unites music, dancing, skills in one performance! I've treid it long ago, not sure if I can do it now....

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Irini Real Madrid's picture
Irini Real Madrid 18 January, 2013 - 19:57

i think i cant do anything that rebbeca mentioned.i am not so good on the circus plays.i like to watch and when i was a child a always went on a circus performated;)

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Blue sea's picture
Blue sea 25 May, 2012 - 23:07

Nice idea...i think it's weird but enjoyable if it's played....if i played circus skills ,i would want to see people's make one laugh or just smile because he likes what you do..

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Miley's picture
Miley 8 April, 2013 - 13:00

I am glad to hear that Blue Sea.but I don't think my friends will be really interested in some circus skills..I would look like a clown I think and then they will talk about their summer and this is boring when u hear others talking but u can't say anything..In the other hand I liked the author purpose. When I spend my holidays home I learn new things. For instance I make bracelets by myself., I create some make up idea, I create my own clothes, I learn how to do a cart or something like a special food from another country. These are cool ideas I think,aren't they?
Best wishes, Miley ♥

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Rebecca Farnham-Shaw's picture
Rebecca Farnham-Shaw 17 May, 2012 - 13:23

An article about some unusual but fun activities to try over those long and boring summer holidays.

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