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What percentage of people in your country use the internet? Is this changing? What new technology are people starting to adopt?

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Msharymnn 19 January, 2021 - 17:39

i think the precntage is 95% precente there is some pepole in my country who stell doesn't using internet and that is not changing everyday maybe it changes every month and it is not that big changes they are so small the new technolgey they strating to adopt is making thier home fully smart filled with robots technoliges everything that is smart

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Giovannichoi 10 June, 2020 - 15:12

Well... I don't know about the percentage of people in my country use internet, but I guess I can make it with my classmates. Let's see... There are 21people in my class and 18 of them have smartphones. The other three friends, including me, have 'Gong-sin Phone' which means 'the God of the Study Phone'. I can't play games with this phone. I can't watch Youtube with this phone. I can't even install some apps, connect to internet, no Wi-fis, no SNS, no cacaotalks or lines... well, I guess you got the ideas. So it's the device which people call "PHONE", but blocked everything out because the negative impact which is disturbing while we're studying, and much more expensive than a real smartphone. And I guess everyone have at least one computer in there home. They use internet for watch Youtube, webtoons, or even to play computer games. But in this case, we use this device to study in our own houses by the on-line classes after Coronavirus. And I thnk people will adopt the AI ribits like Clova (from Naver) or Siri (from IPhone) or Google Assistance (from Google). I believe those will help us to find easily something we need to find in the internet. How about you?

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