Upper intermediate B2 graded reading

Read stories and articles at upper intermediate level.

Walking her dog in the forest, Grace has a chance encounter that will present her with a dilemma. 
From walking along the entire Amazon River to skiing to the South Pole, check out some of the 21st century's most amazing adventurers!
Wild animals in cities can cause chaos! Can you imagine the trouble that baboons in city centres could cause?
Bad secrets are only bad until you tell someone. What is Maria's secret and who will help her get out of trouble? 
The messages are getting worse, and Kay is really getting desperate. But what can she do?
OK, so Mo and Terry have fallen out. But should Mo tell a teacher about her friend's cheating?  
Have you ever wondered why we dream? Do you know how to interpret the meaning of your dreams? Read about the purpose of dreams and what you can learn from them.
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is full of stories about extraordinary women. If you’ve had enough of fairy tale princesses, here you’ll find a hundred female role models to inspire you. And they’re all real-life women.
Vandalism or contemporary art? Find out more about where street art has come from and where it might be heading.
You know the feeling. A big day at school. All eyes will be on you. Tom is nervous but kind of excited at the same time ...
Do you know what makes you happy? Read about how to design your life to maximise happiness.
Thousands of people are looking for the $2 million treasure buried in the Rocky Mountains by art dealer Forrest Fenn.
What's it like being a skater in LA? We talk to two teenage skateboarding fans.
What do you think life is like as a YouTube star? Would you like to do it? Read about the life of video blogger Jessii Vee to find out.
Unrequited love or just a misunderstanding? Will Deshi’s story have a happy ending?
The candyfloss should be the perfect ending to an evening at the fair ... but the walk along the old train tracks turns into a terrifying nightmare.
Do you know the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin? Well, this is a modern retelling. Meet Chloe, a young woman who's shaking with terror, waiting for her audition for Find a Star ...
Is this exciting fantasy-thriller the new Twilight?
Religion, shipwrecks and an enormous tiger called Richard Parker ... it’s all in The Life of Pi.
No one believes her. But the evidence is there ... the blood in the pool, the horrible injuries to her right leg. How on earth could something like that have happened?
Going to the abandoned house seems like harmless fun, but should Amy be worried?
Chloe has an unusual pet which isn't popular with all the members of her family. In this story it gets her into a bit of trouble.
From ordinary student to YouTube star. How did Charlie McDonnell do it?
Wonder is an honest, funny and moving book about a boy who feels ordinary but looks different.