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An Interview with Nicola Morgan

by Bethan Morgan

I have always loved reading and writing, and both of those things seem to run in our family. We all love a good book, and there is even a writer amongst us! My aunt, Nicola Morgan, has had over 90 books published and knows a thing or two about the art of creating a story. Here’s what happened when I asked her a few questions about her writing...

1. When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I just always wrote, without thinking about wanting to "be" a writer, until I was 20 and then I decided I wanted to be a novelist. 21 years later, I succeeded!

2. What is your favourite type of book to write and why?
Non-fiction is easier than fiction. So for that reason I prefer writing non-fiction. But fiction is more satisfying than non-fiction. So for that reason I prefer writing fiction!

3. Where do you do most of your writing?
In my lovely garden office! It has a big glass wall and all I can see are trees and plants and flowers. And squirrels and birds.

4. How do you think of new stories?
I get away from my computer. I never think of a new idea when I'm at my desk. Ideas come all the time when I'm just pottering about the house or out walking or talking to other people. But most ideas never end up being used. I had three today! 

5. Do you have a favourite character from your books?
I think Jess and Jack in Wasted. Or maybe Livia in Sleepwalking. Or maybe Matilda in The Passionflower Massacre. I can't decide.

6. How does it feel to have a book published?
Amazing. But I have to keep reminding myself because also I'm never satisfied with what I've done and I could get bogged down in being dissatisfied if I didn't keep reminding myself that it does feel amazing to have a book published.

If you would like to know more about Nicola Morgan and her books, here is a link to her website:

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