Wednesday, 6 November, 2013 - 15:54

Dear Diary

by KatieP

What is the point in writing a diary? At home, I never write about my days. I feel diary writing difficult to keep up with and at times even a little boring especially when I simple write, I woke up, went to Uni, came home and watched TV. It seems so basic that I feel there has never really been too much point in keeping up with one.

However since starting my year abroad in Germany I have decided to keep a record of all my experiences with living and working in the country. I have a diary where I write what has happened in my day, whether it is a bad, good, funny, embarrassing or interesting experience and I also have a scrapbook where I like to stick receipts, tickets, photos and leaflets. I decided to do this so that I will be able to remember for the rest of my life how I felt during every day on my year abroad. Sometimes I fall behind a few days and it is really difficult to catch up again but I am quite enjoying keeping my diary up to date.

I also write my own blog. Many of my friends and family members asked me how they would be able to keep up to date with my travels and experiences and so I decided to write a blog. I am new to blogging so just write about anything that I like and I find it interesting although it is also very time consuming keeping up with my diary, scrapbook and blog. I think it's nice that people can read what I am up to and how I am feeling and I know that even my grandparents are keen readers. The website I use also shows how many people have read my blog and from which country and I think that is really interesting and cool that I have readers all over the world. I hope that it will interest and motivate more people to travel or become an English language assistant like me or maybe even just answer people's questions. 

I find it quite relaxing to write down my feelings and memories and feel it is easier to forget about things afterwards as I know I will always be able to remember things by re-reading my posts. I am so used to it now I think it will even be strange to go back home and not keeping one, so perhaps I will maintain my diary writing in the future. 

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Do you write a diary or a blog? Do you think it's useful to record your daily experiences?

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