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Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 - 08:32

My little book of dreams

by JohnR

I have always wanted to write. From the day I first started reading I was hooked. When I was a child and Harry Potter came out I found an obsession that I couldn't get rid of. In those books was everything from magical castles and wizards to heartbreak and love. Every fantastic and wonderful thing and all of them created by bits of ink on a page.

The problem is I am not a very good writer. Everywhere I go I have my little black book. It has no marks on it and it looks very plain. However, my book is my little book of dreams. It started as somewhere to write down all of the crazy experiences I have had before or when an idea popped into my head in a dream. They would all get written into my little book.

Now I bring it everywhere with me. It is more important to me than my mobile phone or my wallet. It is full of random thoughts or what the world is like. The world, by the way, is full of strange things and incredible people. Every day has something unique and weird just waiting to be discovered a little bit further down the road.

My book is amazing because it lets me capture all of those tiny things and capture them before they can float away. So far it has the start of a fantasy novel, the ending of a love play, and poetry I have written in different languages.

I never thought I would ever write poetry in Spanish! It is crazy!

For me, this book is more than just a lot of words on paper. It is one million different possible stories, in thousands of different worlds and made up of a hundred different fragmented thoughts. It is my special possession.

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What is your special possession? What book made you love reading?

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