Friday, 17 July, 2015 - 13:00

Nothing beats a real book

by RosemaryM

Call me old-fashioned, but I like a good book. And by that, I mean a real book. One that you can flick the pages of, one that you can put a bookmark in, one that has a battered cover and broken spine. 

Last year, I was given a Kindle. I have never actually read a book on it. There's something frustrating about having to charge it up before I can read; with a real book you can just open it and begin. It doesn't feel the same in my hands: it's too light. My fingers miss the familiar ritual of turning the page. I had good intentions of using it on my year abroad; after all, that was why my parents bought it for me. In the end, I didn't use it. I ploughed through the French books that my uncle had lent me instead. 

Over the last week, I have been proofreading several e-books, checking them for errors. Reading a screen for a long time makes your eyes feel rather tired. I don't get this problem with a real book! In addition, scientists say that looking at screens before going to sleep is bad for your health - so surely a real book is much better!

E-books are still a relatively recent invention. They are popular too, for a variety of reasons. An e-reader (such as a Kindle) takes up much less room (and weight) in a suitcase: perfect for people who used to have to take several books on holiday. Lots of people don't re-read books; an e-reader means they don't end up with a house cluttered with books they'll never look at again. People say they're more environmentally friendly: no trees are cut down for paper, no ink is needed. 

However successful these devices are, nothing can beat the appeal of a genuine book for me. After all, if I'm short of cash, or don't necessarily want to re-read a book, I can always go to the library and borrow a book. For free! 

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Do you prefer to read real books or do you use an e-reader? 

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