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The inspirations of a young writer

by EmilyM

I have loved writing since I was a young girl; stories, poems, songs, anything. Now I’m a lot older, I get my inspiration for writing from many things and I’m going to share them with you.

My main source of inspiration for characters in my fictional pieces comes from “people watching” which I do anywhere - on the bus, walking around, in restaurants. Literally, anywhere! I also listen to people’s conversations which is quite inspiring too. As well as that, my character inspiration also comes from people I know; especially their personalities, then I tend to change their names when I write.

I also get inspired to write when I go to places, for example, when I go on holiday or on daytrips. I also like to write about places that I’d like to go to, especially foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, America, Australia, Japan or Africa. Sometimes, I like to write about fantasy places, so places I’ve made up, or weirdly dreamed about!

My ideas for stories and topics to write about come from personal life experiences. Also, when I do something that I’m really proud of myself for, I often use that to turn it into a piece of writing. Sometimes, I listen to songs and the lyrics, and write things based on that.

I have more recently tried to write something called a “fan fiction” which is when you write a story with a famous person as the main character. I have written an Il Divo fan fiction, because they are one of my favourite groups.

Finally, I am inspired to write more when the weather is nice, so I can sit outside, in the sunshine, with drinks and snacks and my music, and write in my notebooks. I always carry a notebook with me everywhere I go, to jot down my inspirations and ideas! 

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Do you like writing? How do you get inspiration for writing? 

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