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Advertisements at Christmas

by MehramS

It may be over a month away however our television screens are already bursting with Christmas inspired advertisements.  This year the competition is at its highest with big name British brands such as Marks & Spencers, Morrisons and John Lewis all in the race to be rewarded with the title of the best Christmas advert. One cannot deny that the scenes of snow, feasts, fairy tales and talking animals bring a sense of magic and excitement to the room but by the time Christmas is actually around the corner the illusions are somewhat stale. British media is not alone when it comes to the premature arrival of Christmas jingles and adverts on both television and radio as all over the globe people are witness to the appearance of bells, snowflakes and the nativity as early as October.

This is expected as Christmas is perhaps the most well-known celebration across the world and is officially celebrated in 160 countries. The reasons behind its popularity are not just religious but because it is a time for families to come together, celebrate and be merry. Gifts are exchanged between loved ones and friends, fridges are filled to the brim and the party season gets into full swing. When taking the joys and sentiments of Christmas into consideration it is not surprising that notable companies are excitable and wish to announce the annual return of the celebration albeit three months early.

The motives behind this excitement are both positive and negative. Many people believe that the adverts are a way for companies to receive as much money as possible in the build-up to December 25th. Others consider the early arrival of Christmas a way to make people happy and in Venezuela Christmas 2014 officially began in October as the President wanted “happiness for everyone”. 

Note from Editor - If you want to watch some of the special Christmas adverts that Mehram mentions, click the links below. 

Marks and Spencer
John Lewis 

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Are there special Christmas adverts on the TV in your country? Do you love them or hate them?! 

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