Thursday, 6 February, 2014 - 15:15

Film culture

by GraceL

A couple of friends and I, spontaneously decided that we would go to Berlin this weekend to attend the Berlinale, an international film festival. It has been recorded to be the most publically attended film festival in the world, with around 300,000 tickets being sold and up to 400 films being shown each year. There are also several film competitions and awards are given to the best films. Possibly the most highly anticipated film this year is The Grand Budapest hotel, directed by Wes Anderson, a very famous and popular director. We tried to get tickets for this but they had completely sold out within minutes of them being put on sale!

Cinema has always been a huge part of culture in many countries. I love going to the cinema and buying a ticket for a film I have never heard of. I feel that you can often be pleasantly surprised. I am a real fan of world cinema, so the Berlinale is perfect for me with films coming from all over the world. I like watching films in a language I don’t speak and just following the plot from the movements and expressions of the actors in the film. It’s also nice, of course, to be able to understand the language too.

We have bought tickets for lots of different films, some of which we already know something about and some that are completely new to us. We are really excited, not just to be in the German capital but also to be attending an event that many famous celebrities attend! Maybe we will spot some! 

Language level

Are you a cinema fan? What kinds of films do you like? Do you ever watch films in a foreign language?

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Submitted by Zachbas on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 10:51

I am a big fan of cinema and i try to watch movies in they're original language.
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