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Films - a great way to learn English

by RosemaryM

Films provide more than just entertainment. For many people, watching foreign language films is a way to develop their language skills. Whilst watching a film you are immersed in the language and can pick up new expressions that you might not find in a textbook. Some difficulties can arise when watching foreign language films - for example, unfamiliar colloquial language or strong regional accents. With this in mind, here are my tips to ensure you get the most enjoyment possible out of watching a film in English.

Choose a film genre that you enjoy.
If you like action films, watch an action film - for example, Indiana Jones. If you prefer comedies, watch a comedy - anything with Hugh Grant in always provides a laugh! It's simple enough, but if you choose something you enjoy watching in your native language, you're more likely to enjoy it in English. 

Choose something that you are familiar with.
It's best to start off with something simple; this way you have a higher chance of understanding the content of the film. Disney films, such as The Lion King or the more recently released Tangled, are classic examples. Other animations such as Up and The Lego Movie are also worth a watch. The recently released Paddington is also an enjoyable and entertaining film.

Ask friends for advice.
Perhaps you have friends who have already seen an English film? If so, they may be able to recommend you a film. 

If you need to, use the subtitles.
For beginners, subtitles are very useful. Using subtitles in your own language is the easiest option, but for more advanced learners why not consider using English subtitles? This way, you can match the written subtitles to the words spoken on screen, helping you to develop your language further.

If you don't know where to begin, here are some suggestions:

Harry Potter - an obvious suggestion but nonetheless a fantastic series which can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Home Alone - for anyone still in a festive mood, this is a great comedy which takes place over the Christmas holidays.

The King's Speech - perhaps a little more difficult, but for those who like biopics this film won't disappoint.

Leap Year - for those who like romantic comedies, this one is highly entertaining!

I hope you find these tips useful - if you want to recommend a film to other users feel free to use the comments section below!

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Do you think that watching films in English is a good way to learn? 

Submitted by Mememaster01 on Sun, 12/08/2019 - 15:18

Hi, watching films and series is great way to learn English and have fun. I recommend new one 'The Mandalorian'. Also good way to learn English is playing multiplayer games.
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